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UAE’s Etisalat to launch iPhone 3GS end of October

Executive Director of Product Marketing in UAE’s Etisalat, Omar al-Muzaki, told daily newspaper Al Emarat Al Youm that “Etisalat is preparing to released the iPhone 3GS in the UAE market before the end of this month”.

The article called the iPhone company “elppA” and the Blackberry company “Black Berry”, not RIM. The article also mentions that there are 30,000 iphone users in UAE.


Additionally Mr. Omar also said that Etisalat is working with a fourth cellphone maker (after Apple, RIM and HTC) to provide a new unique smartphone in the Emirates. My guess is the Palm Pre.

Mobily will most likely release the iPhone 3GS at the same time as Etisalat. In any case this is a huge delay from the original announced date by Apple, August 2009.

From Al Emarat Al Youm via ArabCrunch.

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  1. interesting, finally some info on the 3GS! thanks Khaled!
    i think mobily will release it after the UAE, considering they are always last to react in the middle east.
    i also doubt price reductions, they will just make the 3GS more expensive.
    it would be great if they handled it right, but i cant put my hopes up, it mobily after all…

  2. No names , but I overheard the Mobily Launch to be on the 26th of October … off the record and unofficially…

  3. Thanks for that Khaled.

    Been waiting for the S like forever. I wonder if it would be already unlocked like the 3G was?

  4. Aiiee~Finally!!

    I’m positive that it’ll cost more than the 3G though…aahh..I only have so much to spend..eh.

  5. Khaled,

    Do you guys think it will be locked to Mobily?

    Or will we be able to use STC SIM cards with it, like the iPhone 3G?


  6. Where can i find unlocked iphone in dammam

  7. finally they waked up and gave something to expect. It took them four months to bring the iphone 3GS …

  8. thanks Khaled, it will work in bahrain (batelco)


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