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Flip through Quran pages on the iPhone

The Quran app for the iPhone/iPod touch “Al Mus’haf” was released by i4islam. The app simulates a real life book and is based on “iFlipPage Engine”.

The app is free at the iTunes app store and is a 200MB download.


The following video demonstrate the app and the technology behind it:

To flip a page drag your finger as if you are flipping a real page. Press and hold with your fingure to access a magnifying glass.

mus-haf-2 mus-haf-3 mus-haf-4 mus-haf-5


1 – Genuine Mus’haf scan.
2 – Side by side pages similar to a physical book.
3 – Suras index.
4 – Automatically bookmarks last read page.
5 – Various flip effects for hardcovers & flexible pages.
6 – No page loading waiting screens.
7 – %200 zoom mode without lose of quality.
8 – Landscape reading mode (WideScreen) with full page fit, eliminating the need for scrolling.
9 – Magnifying glass.
10 – Realistic paper sound effects.
11 – Shake the device to quickly access the index page.
12 – Ability to take a screenshot of any page and save it in the photos folder.
13 – Bonus manual.

Via Arab Crunch.

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  1. wow, and this is free?
    im really impressed.
    if only they had money to advertise, the iphone would get much more sales here…

  2. Awesome share. I like your ideas!! Burton Groshans


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