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Axiom’s iPhone 3GS, deceiving the consumer, Mobily and Apple

Axiom Telecom is supposedly one of the largest cell phone distributor in the region. They also claim to be the official iPhone provider in Saudi Arabia according to this article from Arab News.

Mobily (the only official iPhone provider in the country) doesn’t list Axiom in their Where to Buy page. Also if you searched for “iPhone” on Axiom’s site you will not find the iPhone 3GS listed.


In the following video by Naif, he shows an iPhone 3GS that he bought from Axiom. The 16GB model cost him 3,700SR ($1,000). The iPhone had an AT&T logo on the back of the box and it was jailbroken (voids the warranty). The SIM card ejector was also missing. The contract-free iPhone 3GS 16GB from AT&T is sold for only $599 (2,280SR) according to their site.

Also notice in the video that the receipt claimed that the iPhone 3GS is a Mobily device even though Mobily did not released iPhone 3GS until now. Additionally, Axiom’s warranty only covers the software

Axiom is deceiving the consumers by selling an iPhone without any warranty. Deceiving Mobily by claiming that the iPhones are from Mobily and hurting Mobily’s iPhone business. Finally, deceiving Apple by selling an unsupported Apple product, hurting the brand name.

In the end, Naif has finally found a Italian (I believe) iPhone 3GS which is officially unlocked:

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. yesterday, i was going to buy the iphone 3g (not s). and it was all sold out at carrefour,axiom,and even mobily!
    this might be a sign that the 3gs is coming to mobily, but i dont think they are reducing price of the iphone…

  2. From where did you purchased the official Unlocked iPHONE ???

  3. I don’t blame Axiom for doing this since mobily is being quiet for a very long time since the release of iPhone 3GS and I mean very quiet. What is going on Mobily?

  4. @khaled Jail Breaking doesn’t void the warranty.

  5. i brought the iphone from america and i just want to till u if u are going to restore ur i phone it wont work it will tell u to enter the sim card that originally came with ur i phone and u wont enter to ur iphone and u cant hear songs or use anything

    • if you have that problem, google ”unlocking iphone”, there is free software to help you jailbreak and remove that security for using sim card like stc and zain freely.

  6. how can u download this software

    because when i turn on my i phone it tells me to put the sim card that originally came with my i phone and it tells me to connect my i phone to i tunes and when i do so in the i tunes also they tell me to enter the original sim card . and when i turn on my i phone i cant do anything accept emergency call . which means i cant hear songs . i cant get access to my software.

    • Where are you in Riyadh? I can help you to restore and unlock your phone. Or I suggest you join our apple community in the Philippines and there is a live chat there so you could unlock your phone online. People there are very accomodating just join the community, its free —> http://www.applei.ph/one/

  7. How do i know if the iphone is officially unlocked from its box?

    • By its serial number refer to where it originated ex. Hk phones are offcially unlocked –> google is your friend 😉

  8. any body know how i can purchase iphone 3gs factory unlocked with good price 😉

  9. I mean try this site http://feedback.longbeard.info/ or just what Khaled said wait for Mobily’s official release of the apple iPhone 3GS.

  10. but i need the cheaper…..:D

    • Cheaper? Buy nokia phones…its everywhere and its cheaper 😉 But seriously, if iphones are cheaper then every person you bumped into even vendors on the market will be having one and you wouldn’t want that to happen that’s why iphone is one of a kind its not for everyone especially if youre looking for more features but i still love it…why? coz its apple 🙂

  11. …The iPhones are Factory Unlocked and it comes from Apple ***.. Jailbreak is different from OPENLINE, when you purchase an iPhone you need to JAILBREAK yourself….

    wht it’s mean openline and jailbreak????

    • most people jailbreak to unlock.
      another set of people jailbreak to pirate apps (we are against that).

    • you are too new to the iPhone world…
      even if we do teach you, u will still screw something up, hacking is complicated.
      spend a few hours googling to understand a few things and then we’ll be glad to help.
      for now, its very risky if you did something while not fully understanding…

    • openline = factory unlocked iphones that any telco carrier you can use your phone; jailbreak = hacking your phone’s software to put third party apps (cydia) that is beyond apple’s terms/conditions and limits developers to certain boundaries but some abuses such work to pirate apps and as what Khaled said we are certainly against it!

  12. Hey man i wanna buy I phone 3GS what do you recommend where should i buy from???
    and how much will it cost ???

    • If you have friends abroad and have the means to purchase one I recommend you get one there, hence, wait for mobily’s offcial release that is rumored to be on the 27th of this month 😉

  13. i like iphone coz it’s feature and high usability….not coz it’s apple…:D

    i need cheaper coz almost the price that i got is more expensive than http://www.wireless.att.com/learn/internet/iphone-faq.jsp

    any body know to get the price like that…i mean not same but not really expensive …..

  14. They are going to offer 3GS now in Saudi, wow that is funny story
    all consumers have bought it 4 month ago>>> always comes very late

  15. i have an iphone 3gs 32g unlocked but i dont know how can i use its gps in middle east ?

    and also where can i find an application so that the i phone can support video?

  16. That was just one unlucky customer in my opinion. I got an iPhone 4 from Axiom, and a 3GS before that, neither with any problems. A couple of my buddies who got their iPhones got ’em from Axiom too, and they were factory unlocked. This video just created a lot of unnecessary hype.


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