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iPhone OS 3.1 new features

In today’s music event, Apple has released iPhone (and iPod touch) software version 3.1. and it includes the following new features:

Genius Mixes and Genius Recommendations for Apps.

Improved syncing for music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and photos.

iTunes U content organization.

Redeem iTunes Gift Cards, codes, and certificates in the App Store.

Display available iTunes account credits in the App Store and iTunes Store.

Save video from Mail and MMS into Camera Roll.

Option to “Save as new clip” when trimming a video on iPhone 3GS.

Better iPhone 3G Wi-Fi performance when Bluetooth is turned on.

Remotely lock iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe.

Use Voice Control on iPhone 3GS with Bluetooth headsets.

Paste phone numbers into the keypad.

Option to use Home button to turn on accessibility features on iPhone 3GS.

Warn when visiting fraudulent websites in Safari (anti-phishing).

Improved Exchange calendar syncing and invitation handling.

Fixes issue that cause some app icons to display incorrectly.


Important Notes:

Do not install 3.1 if you want to use tethering on the iPhone in Saudi Arabia, Mobily did not provide any fix for that until now.

Do not install 3.1 if you have a jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch.

The update is now available and can be installed using iTunes.

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  2. lol i mean the 3gs xD do u know anyone that sells it in KSA unlocked ? thanks

  3. After updating to 3.1, the config file wont work, if reinstalled again? Have you tried?

  4. Although you warned, yet I dared to install 3.1, hehe, now the tethering has stopped working. is there any way I can use tethering with mobily?

    • see if there is a way to downgrade to 3.0 🙂
      or wait for jailbreak …

      or wait for mobily to get a clue .. I suggest calling them, just for fun.
      Call the english language, they are in india

  5. Please advise how to watch mobily’s streaming TV on the iphone;

  6. In Step Thirteen
    Navigate to the Pwnage folder on your desktop using the dialog window that appears. Select the custom IPSW that was created (iPhone1,1_3.1_7C144_Custom_Restore.ipsw) and click the Open button.

    I did forget and restore with the organelle ipsw,
    itunes shows me:
    The SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported

    can you help me in that….

    مشكلة تحتاج ألى خدمت فاهم

    رقيت جهازي الـ 2G إلى الفريم الجديد 3.1 Ùˆ قمت بخطئ بسيط عند قيامي بالعملية…


    و في الطة (١٢)

    Step Thirteen
    Navigate to the Pwnage folder on your desktop using the dialog window that appears. Select the custom IPSW that was created (iPhone1,1_3.1_7C144_Custom_Restore.ipsw) and click the Open button.

    قمت بتحميل الملف الأصلي Ùˆ ليس Custom_Restore Ùˆ صرت لا أستطيع أدخل الـ Itunes كي أعمل هذه الخطوة…

    و يطل من أن أضع شريحتي الأصلية الأمريكية و أنا فاقدها من زمان و هذه رسالة الـ Itunes

    فهل لد أحدكم فكرة أبه الأعزاء

  7. I have successfully downgraded from 3.1 to 3.0.1. without jailbreaking. Please see this youtube video


  8. You will be needing the file iPhone1,2_3.0.1_7A400_Restore and quickpwn.
    Remember: (1) You can do it only in windows, so run windows though vmware fusion, (2) all sms/mms will be deleted, however, the apps and others can be restored from itunes.
    then install the config file and all is ok.

  9. hello.Mr. Khaled A. actually I have Iphone 3GS 16 gb at 3.0.1 iam living in saudi arabia.Al khobar.it is jailbreck and it was working perfect but last week while downloading some application its hangup at startup with apple logo and not work at all.i try to reset with home & power button toghter but no way and show to many shops for repair but nobady can restore again.they said when they try to restore through itune its give some error. pls.Help me


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