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Download the Apple Music event video

Apple has posted a video of their 9/9/09 iPod event. The event can be downloaded as a podcast.


Subscribe to the podcast here. Or you can also download the video directly from here (850 MB).

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  1. I don’t know what the problem here, podcast download doesn’t work, stops immediately! The direct video link you’ve provided also not working! Tried the video from apple’s website, again, it doesn’t work (keep connecting)!
    Khaled, your help.

    • I’m encountering difficulties downloading it too as a podcast from iTunes Store, whenever I click on Get Episode I get done status from the download section immediately :/ but can’t find it inside the Podcasts…

      and I’d watching it on the Apple video stream provided but you know how awful ADSL is in Saudi Arabia. Anyways, I think I’m settling for a torrent copy.

      Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Found the problem, was from my Internet connection, which is Mobily WiMax! Changed the connection to Mobily Connect and guess what? It’s working! Changed it to STC and it works too! Switch back to Mobily WiMax, the stream doesn’t work! Really interesting.
    Anyway, was really disappointed that they didn’t update the iPod Touch with a camera! Updating the nano with a camera, not interested. Your thoughts Khalid.

    • I think Apple doesn’t want to hurt the nano sales by introducing a camera in the iPod touch at this moment.
      the most important change to the touch is the processing power and storage

  3. It is real pleasure to impute to you blog!


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