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Snow Leopard on August 28th, 49SR in Riyadh

Apple has moved the release date of their next Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, to August 28th 2009 instead of September. Snow Leopard will be available for $29 for intel Mac machines running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.


Remember if you bought a Mac after June 8th 2009 then you can buy Snow Leopard for only $10 or you can buy it from Amazon. Itechia will be selling Snow Leopard for 49SR according to their website.


Update: UAE will be getting Snow Leopard Saturday 29th of August.

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  1. If iTechia has no strings attached to this offer, this pricing will be the promotion of the year. In fact I will pass by them today and preorder my 3 copies.

  2. I am wondering how itechia is selling SL for 45sr. my only guess is that they ordered for all the laptops at $9.99 using up to date program and now selling in retail at 45sr. so this offer has to be valid till stock lasts. Khaled A. you also applied to uptodate program from US directly using Myus, any update on your claim website. i ordered using euro website; as has not been any update till now.

  3. If I buy the macbook pro on aug 28 will snow leopard be on the package already?


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