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Snow Leopard for only $10

snow-leopard-mbpApple’s next operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be released this September. It will cost $29 ($49 for a family pack). If you purchased a qualifying Mac computer after June 8th 2009 then you can take advantage of Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s up-to-date program and only pay $9.95.

This offer is valid in Saudi Arabia from the Apple Europe website. You can visit this page and fill the form. You can pay using paypal and you will need proof of purchase, a scan of your receipt with the serial number will do. Thanks mohmedE for posting a comment about it. Thanks Sameer for trying it.

However if you prefer to order it from the United States or Canada and you have a US/Canada based address. I own a new MacBook Pro (US model) that I bought from itechia. I entered my MacBook Pro serial number in this form then checkout at the Apple Online Store where I used my MYUS,US-based, address (you can also try Aramex). The order is completed and now I only need to wait until the Snow Leopard release.

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  1. The link you put are only valid in US/Canada ,
    But if you live in Europe , Middle East or Africa you can participate in the program also : )

    Check this link :

  2. thank you mohmedE. I paid through paypal from your given link and now its asking for me to send proof of qualifying purchase. can you please advise what do I need to send as a proof? I purchase the new 15″ mpb from istyle, so the proof will be?

    • I am sorry I didn’t try it .
      I saw this link in the Apple Authorized Distributor in Middle East ( ABM ) http://www.appleme.ae/ara/

      But check this ( it was written in the terms) :

      “To receive your Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard upgrade, you must complete the order form and provide a photocopy of a dated, itemised sales receipt or packing slip indicating the marketing part number(s) of the qualifying system(s) purchased. Order acknowledgments, packing slips, and purchase order copies are not accepted.”

    • Thank you. As per the instruction from the website, I sent by airmail the copy of payment along-with the invoice for istyle which mentioned serial number. Lets see. Hope to see snow leopard as soon as its released. It mentioned the price of $10 is including all charges. It means, it includes delivery charges also!!!

  3. don’t know about purchasing it from US… you’ll be paying more for the shipping !!!
    if they would allow you to download it then it would be a great deal
    don’t know but that’s what I think

    • I have 4 macs and only one qualifying product (my new macbook pro). This offer seems to be a long process, and I think that I will not resist buying it once it becomes available, So I think that I will go for the normal family !!

    • I am subscribed to a service that I regularly use. The shipping price will be acceptable compared to paying $29 or waiting weeks for the local stores

    • Khaled,
      do you mean shipping service like Aramex/MyUS?

    • Yes, that’s for US orders.
      For EU, according to Sameer it will ship to Saudi Arabia directly

    • I believe they will be sending by normal airmail. This is the email which I received from APPLE:

      Dear Customer,

      Your application has been received and is currently being processed.

      Your reference number is: *****

      Please ensure you also submit a printed copy of your application form together
      with all other required supporting documentation and mail to:

      Apple Upgrade Centre
      PO Box 33,
      HR9 7WA,
      United Kingdom

      Based on above, I sent the printed copy of the application together with receipt from istyle which mentions serial number. Lets see!

    • Thanks Sameer, keep us updated!

  4. I just hope snow leopard has a better mail.app compared to the present one. all i need it auto correct errors while typing, same as my previous experience with ms outlook. i was so used typing ‘i’ and now, i find to hard to press shift for “I” and also capitalization of letters. and retaining the fonts/format when sending email to ms outlook. entourage does it, but sending from mail.app doesnt work properly. the fonts display on recipient is always times new roman and the formatting completely garbled.

  5. Anybody received any update or confirmation from Apple. After sending the invoice, I have not received any update whether I am eligible or not. Also I checked my paypal statement and the amount has not yet been credited. So I dont know whats happening and where to follow up.

    • I have bought it from the US store and I get a receipt with MAC OS X 10.6 SNOW LEOPARD FULLFIL-INT as the item name.
      Please keep us updated, Sameer

  6. I just checked online and got below information.

    Thank you. Your record has been located.
    We have received your application and supporting documents on 23.07.09 and approved your claim. After collecting the Postage & Packing fee, your order will be shipped to the address you provided for your order.
    Thank you for visiting the Fulfillment Status system.

    It means I now have to pay the postage and packing fee separately.


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