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Weekend offer from itechia: MacBook for 3,700SR

We got word from itechia that for this weekend (June 3rd to June 5th) they will have a special offer on the Apple MacBook. The MacBook white will be sold for 3,700SR (less than $1,000).


This MacBook (model number MB881LL/A) includes a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (P7350) with 1066MHz frontside bus, 2GB 667MHz PC2-5300, nVidia GeForce 9400M, 120GB hard drive and SuperDrive.

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  1. Mohammad AlFares

    I went today hoping to convert from PC to MAC. Sadly, itechia store in Dhahran (Jarir Plaza) doesn’t know about their offer. I had to point this page to their salesman and he still doesn’t believe me. I even called their office in Riyadh hoping they will talk to their store in Dhahran but no use. Check your sources Khaled and tell them they missed a valuable customer ..

    • Hi Mohammad,
      Sorry for the misunderstanding that happened, Khaled already contacted Itechia about your issue. turned out that the offer only valid in Riyadh, but they promised to satisfied you and they will contact you via the e-mail ( the one you registered with her) please check your e-mail and keep us updated about the matter.

  2. Mohammad AlFares

    To follow up on the story, I purchased my first MacBook from iStyle last night, minutes after leaving itechia store. They were gracious enough to email me and tell me that the above offer is not valid in their Dhahran store and offered me a free bag or printer in return. I declined but thanks anyway. Does that make me a convert now ?

  3. Dear Khalid

    I want to buy MC book
    white. I recently came to Saudi , so I don’t know where I can found cheap and best MC book
    thanks in advance

  4. mr khalid ..upadated prices for macbook white 13′ inch pls

  5. thank you sir khalid!! what store is that?bec im base here in jeddah.aand one more thing it is the upgraded version?thank you so much sir


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