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MacBook Pro prices in Saudi Arabia (update 4)

Make sure to check the Mac buying Guide in Saudi Arabia.

The new line of MacBook Pro notebooks has arrived in Saudi Arabia.

MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.26GHz: 5,690SR on Arab Computer’s site. 5,649SR from itechia. 5,590 SR from i-weaver.

MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.53GHz: 6,990SR on Arab Computers’ site. 6,899SR from itechia. Before Update 2 it was: 7,499SR at Global.Store, 7,999 7,449SR at itechia (itechia reduced the price and reimbursed everyone who bought at 7,999SR). 6,990 SR from i-weaver.

MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.53GHz for 8,490SR at Arab Computers. 8,399SR from itechia. 8,200 SR from i-weaver.

MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.66GHz for 9,100SR from i-weaver.

MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.8GHz for 10,290SR from iStyle and Global Store. 10,199SR from itechia. 10,400SR from i-weaver.

MacBook Pro 17-inch 2.8GHz for 11,299SR from itechia. 11,390 SR from i-weaver.

MacBook Pro 17-inch 3.06GHz for 16,900SR from i-weaver.


The new MacBook Air is now available in Saudi Arabia. From Arab Computers’ with the following prices: MacBook Air 1.86GHz for 7,190SR and MacBook Air 2.13GHz for 8,290SR. itechia is selling them for the following prices: MacBook Air 1.86GHz for 7,149SR and 2.13GHz for 8,199SR.

If you know a store that is selling the new MacBook Pro please post a comment so I can update this post. You can learn more about the new line of MacBook Pro here.

Update 2: Thanks mohmedE for posting the prices at Arab Computers and it is an interesting note that ABM has not updated their site until now!

Update 4: added prices for i-weaver in Jeddah.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. What possible justification could they give for these unreasonable price tags? Well, sure, they come with standardized Arabic keyboards, but that doesn’t justify why their priced so high. I ordered my 15″ MacBook Pro (2.53GHz, 250GB, 4GB RAM) for a total of $1809.44 w/tax (SR 6,776.35). Shipped via ShopGates’ mail-forwarding service World-Ship, the total price of my MacBook Pro was SR 6,993.35. I don’t see why I should pay a thousand or so more.

    • This first stock did not , even, come with standard arabic keyboard !!. I totally agree with you, there is no justification for the differences. Now im thinking to get a pro 13-inch 2.53GHz from amazon through shop&ship which should save me around 20% and have the arabic keyboard laser-engraved. did u do that? i dont really know how much would it cost and the quality of the result?

    • No, I rarely use Arabic so I personally have no need for it.

    • This is unacceptable, you should return your MacBook to Itechia as soon as possible.
      If an employee claimed that a non MacBook is a MacBook pro then ask for the manager.

  2. 9,800 SR for the 2,8GHz MBP is cheaper than the same version here in Germany.

    9800 Saudi riyals = 1 865.55397 €

    2.099,00 €

  3. I called iStyle and they told me that they sell MacBook Pro 13″ 2.53 for 6990 SR

  4. What about the 13-inch: 2.26GHz???

    • They (Arabcomputers and iTechia) either haven’t received it yet or have not order it for that matter, so its not available in country currently.

  5. I noticed one strange thing during my buying of 2.8ghz mbp from istyle. I saw the invoice from arab computers for istyle at 8000sr for the same notebook (8000sr is cheaper than apple’s store price for usa). it means apple is giving at special price to arab computers to maintain the prices, yet arab computers keep such high profit. even i insisted istyle of riyadh gallery mall to inform why the price is mentioned 8000sr on arab computers invoice, he said that its their internal matter and this is the cost price. actually, salesman gave me price of 9000sr, but when he checked the computer, he had he wrongly quoted and the price has to be 10290sr. i refused and discussed strongly and finally purchased at 9800sr. there is something fishy…
    all is about the new mbp 2.8ghz with 500gb hdd.

  6. Sameer, you could find out whether its US or European simply by checking the outlet form; European have rounded-curved head and US have sharp t-shaped head.

  7. Arab computers updated their site with PRICES :

    Macbook pro 13″ 2.26 cost 5690 SR
    Macbook pro 13″ 2.53 cost 6990 SR
    Macbook pro 15 2.53 cost 8490 SR

    for more information : http://www.arabcomputers.com.sa/index.php

    (What I found strange is that ABM haven’t updated their site )

  8. the price of the macbook pro 15 2.53 at 8490 SAR is higher by 1999 SAR than retail price in Apple US store. And it is higher by 1379 SAR than retail price at Apple UK store(without tax).
    I wonder how this large difference can be justified. How could any one buy from iStyle or other shops in Middle east.
    I think this would suggest that ABM is either very greedy or very stupid to put such prices.
    In my opinion no one should buy from them…

  9. i bought a macbookpro 13inch from itechia in riyad 2,5 for price 6,900 riyalz with a carry case from faisalah shopping center and the sales man had great information about apple but microsoft office for mac doesnt support arabic 🙁 but he told me to try newoffice or iwork

  10. was just wondering why the 13 inch macbook pro from i techia carries only the name MACBOOK not MACBOOK PRO even though they say it is pro on the website :s !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • if its mentioned as macbook, then thats macbook only, the late 2008 model which itechia is selling. the easiest way to check is the firewire port, sd card slot and inbuilt battery in the new models of 13″ which made them pro and these are missing from the late 2008 models of 13″

    • thanks alo sameer , all i can say that they were tryin to sell me a macbook as if it was macbook pro :s , absolute pricks

    • Posted on July 8, 2009 at 10:18 am (Edit)
      This is unacceptable, you should return your MacBook to Itechia as soon as possible.
      If an employee claimed that a non MacBook is a MacBook pro then ask for the manager.

  11. True i had the same thinking about the macbook pro and macbook but i found out the one that they display is macbook not macbook pro but the specs says macbook pro but he said it is the same but he said defrant connections but i buy is macbook pro not macbook I love it can any body help me to check where can i find HDMI cables?

  12. I would like to buy one additional magsafe power adapter for my macbook pro 15″. Please recommend where to buy it from and how to confirm the specification which is suitable for my macbook pro. the present adapter which has come with the unit reads output 16.5 – 18.5V.

  13. i went to istyle and they didnt have the macbook pro 13″ 2,53 and they are over prices than itechia
    they told me itechia is not the right place to buy from !!! but i went there they had the best service and price and now im back in dubai and the warranty is 1 year int thank you for your info about prices that helpt me allot

  14. Hey all..
    reading everything above seems u have some expertise in the area..
    I’m thinking about buying the Macbook pro 13″.. but I can’t decide from where to buy it from Saudi or from somewhere else.
    currently im in Australia and comimg back on Friday..& here they sell it around 5578 Saudi Riyals..
    I called a couple of places in Khobar & they don’t have it or its finished..
    I’m afraid to go back & it takes long until it gets back again or the price gets much higher than here..
    So what to do u say?

  15. Hi! Do you thing it is okay for me to purchase at Jarir Bookstore? because I am thinking to switch from Hp to Mac. And I saw a store at the mall of dharhan which has a price of 4 thousand plus saudi riyals, but I don’t know what is the model and the store because I just went here few months ago. Thanks!

  16. *think

    -sorry for the typographical error.

  17. They are also selling at istore near PSU

    Macbook Pro 13″ 2.26 – (5699SR)

  18. Did anyone receive email of Ramadan Offer from itechia today? Mentioned there that Macbook Pro 13 priced at SR 4499. Is it true? Has anyone checked it yet? Or is just the price before addiitional hidden cost?

    • yes, that appears to be the MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.26GHz.
      Not a bad deal, worth checking it out.

    • I called itechia just now and none of them seemed to know about the offer. They kept transferring me from one person to another and finally they told me it’s sold out. Too bad… 🙁 The good news is they’ll open a new store in Jeddah sometime in end of Sept 09

    • itechia replied to my email:

      “Ready stock
      Macbook 2,0
      Valid till stocks lasts”

      Which one is that, the 13 unibody? Then why they claimed it a Macbook Pro 13. What an offer, I mean a confusing offer. LOL…

  19. i bought a macbook pro 226GHZ from itekia 4500 riylas but with no snow leopord i added 50 and they gave me a CD

  20. May I ask why Apple computers seem to be more expensive in Saudi than in Singapore and the Philippines? I thought, its supposed to be cheaper in Saudi because there are no add-on taxes. I am suppose to have my friend who works there buy me a Macbook but reading from these prices, I’m having second thoughts.

  21. hi all, i need some help i want to buy a macbook pro 15″ but here in riyadh the prices are expensive so i looked on the internet and found that it is cheaper in america by a lot but the apple store in USA doesnt ship to saudi arabia. What do i do, i dont know anyone in america.

    p.s i heard about something called shop gates what is it and is it safe and what is there number to call.

  22. i forgot to say i dont have a billing address in the US. But i have a master-card and visa …
    also is there something where you tell the company what you want and they buy it for you and they forward it for you to KSA. And i want something safe. i would rather pay a bit more than have it lost.

    thanks by the way i love this site 10/10 relllly organized !!!

  23. how much difference in performance will the catch make when it is 3 mb or 6 mb ?

  24. yo guy is the price still the same for the pro17 3.0.6 coz as far as i know its 13600?

  25. Is there any problem with apple these days.. Macbooks have been out of stock for weeks now. Any Idea why?

    Is apple planning something? I dont think iPad is the reason as iTechia guy told me they are reducing the production of the MacBooks because of that.

  26. My wife got a MacBook white yesterday … its limited stock available in iTechia and iWeaver. However the rest should have stock soon but the distributor is distributing by the dropper 🙂

  27. what if i buy macbook pro 13 inch from apple online store does it have arabic language
    where can i buy arabic keyboard from riyadh
    or should i wait for a new one
    please help

  28. the stickers will work for me
    now should i wait or i buy 13 inch 2.53 ghz …?
    thanks khaled 😀

  29. Hi Dear Khaled.
    i am gonna travel to Saudi Arabia & i have answer.
    -for buying computer & pc Tablets (JooJoo Tablet or ILET HAL or ………..) in makkeh or Madinah , i should go ….. where?

    2.4GHZ – 8690SR
    2.53GHZ- 9090SR


  31. iZone is giving student discount i just checked and MacBook PRO 13″ 2.4Ghz (5300sar with student discount) and 5700 without the discount. The question here is should i buy it from USA using Aramex or from iZone using the advantage of student discount which one should be cheaper? 🙂

  32. For Sale is a NEW IN OPEN BOX Apple iMac 3.06 i3 version. Sells for $600 + tax at our store. model #MC508LL/A. Has the 21.5 in monitor, 4gb Ram 500gb HD, Intel i3 processor at 3.06ghz. 1 Year Applecare Warranty when you open it and register it. i can offer a fast FeDex Shipping to buyer;s destination.

    COMES WITH………….
    AC PLUG,

    For Inquiries contact
    Name: Gray Macculay
    Email Contact:-coolfrog2011@yahoo.com

  33. Dear khaled sir,
    What about the price 15-inch: 2.26GHz and DDR3 RAM ?

  34. good day i ask about how much macbook pro 2.8 ghz 13.3 inch i7 750gb?

  35. good day i ask about how much macbook pro 2.8 ghz
    13.3 inch i7 750gb?

  36. i ask about how much macbook pro 2.8 ghz
    13.3 inch i7 750gb?

  37. Hey guys. Am planning to buy a MacBook Air 13″
    Pl suggest me where to buy in Riyadh.
    And what would be the price??
    Whether it will carry international warranty support or not ???
    Pl suggest….


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