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HR’s iStyle Saudi Arabia experience

istyle-logoWe got the following from “HR” in the comments of this earlier post. HR writes about his experience buying a unibody MacBook Pro (15.4″, 2.66GHz, 4GB DDR3 for 10,600SR). He was very disappointed, “when I just opened the box and seal the computer looked like it’s been used” he said. He added that the MacBook Pro had some discoloration on it as well. HR tried to to clean it using a cleaning cloth but some marks are still on it. “I tried calling their help line but it doesn’t work and they don’t answer their showroom number. I went to their website and it’s completely useless. Just a bunch of numbers of other branches. On the receipt from istyle it says no refund and no exchange. I don’t know what I can do. I’m going to Dubai in a week and I think istyle is the only exculsive Apple reseller there too.”

He concludes “So the point of my rant is …I don’t recommend buying from iStyle! Unless it’s for accessories and covers because I noticed that the cases at iStyle are a lot cheaper than what I saw in iTechia. I still can’t believe there are no official Apple stores in the Middle East.” This is very unfortunate and I hope that HR will try to contact iStyle in UAE as well regarding his MacBook Pro.

Update: I was contacted by HR and he updated me on what happened to him:

“Yes I went back to the store yesterday and they were very helpful. They cleaned the computer with a foam computer cleaner and said it was caused from dust while storing the machine. I decided not to fight it any further because even after cleaning it still looks dirty and I found some discoloration on the speakers as well, it’s not *very* noticeable but it is a little frustrating to have a product that looks dirtier than my previous Macbook Pro which I purchased from California in early 2006. I ended up purchasing a speck case to hide the top case, however I was impressed with their polite attitude and I left feeling a lot better than I did. I’m going to London in a few weeks and I feel I’ll get a much better response to my complaint from the Apple store there. Thanks for your interest and dedication to helping mac users in Saudi Arabia. I’ll let you know what happens in London.”

I am still not sure how iStyle is storing their MacBooks. There is almost no way dust would enter a properly stored box. The discoloration is worrying as well.

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  1. SaudiMac, you should inform “HR” about the “exclusive reseller” part 🙂

  2. is iphone 3GS available already here in riyadh?

  3. what about a new family of macbook pro!!!

    when it’s come to riyadh city

  4. Hey, going by past experience with iPhone 3G which is unlocked and works like a charm in UK – O2 network, I am seriously expecting the 3G S to be unlocked as well – the price band is a bit pricey on mobily though – but i am not complaining if they are unlocked like my 3G he he he!!!!

  5. i love this blog ..
    and what a good news ” itechia told me they will bring them next week.”’
    thanx khaled A

    i have question: which store you recommend that i should buy the new mac pro from?
    itechia, istyle or global store?


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