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Increase iPhone 3G bandwidth on Mobily

Mobily Connect is Mobily’s broadband Internet service which is available for all Mobily customers. The current iPhone 3G bundles are very limited so it’s best to increase the bandwidth by adding Mobily connect packages.


You can add packages to your current iPhone 3G packages. So if you have a 99 package (99SR monthly and 200MB bandwidth) then added a 1GB package then you will pay 199SR and get 1.2GB bandwidth. 5.2GB for 299SR and so on. The packages are:

Unlimited package (350SR/month). Send the following as SMS “sub unlimited” to 1100.

5GB package (200SR/month). Send the following as SMS “sub 5g” to 1100.

1GB package (100SR/month). Send the following as SMS “sub 1g” to 1100.

The SMS confirmation will arrive shortly. You can learn more about Mobily Connect from their site.

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  1. does mobily issue a separate sim card of the same number to be used separately with modem so that the connection can be active at all time irrespective whether thee iphone is there or not.

  2. Hello,
    what’s better mobily or stc , in terms of coverage, service, price and bundles for the iphone ?
    i live in al-khobar
    thank you

    • I am not familiar with Khobar coverage for them. But both companies claim they have full 3G coverage

    • Even in Riyadh, there are places with both STC and mobily dont have 3G coverage. Being in marketing and travelling all around Saudi, i can say that major cities have 3G coverage up to 90% in both the networks. However, the highways and some parts of major cities are yet to come under 3G network coverage.

  3. Are the minutes and texts inclusive in the pre paid plans available for international usage? For example I buy an iPhone in Saudi, and use it to phone the UK. Do I have to pay extra?

  4. Ok, right now i have an iphone 3g from Mobily, and I bought it with the 99 SR package. Is it possible to upgrade my data, but remain at the same price?


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