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AppleCare is not covered in Saudi Arabia, UAE according to Apple terms

I have been curious about Apple’s AppleCare. It is Apple’s support solution that extends the complimentary coverage on your Mac to three years from the computer’s purchase date. But looking at AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions, under Europe, Middle East and Africa. I found this PDF file with the following:


This Plan is offered and valid only in Austria, Belgium, Denmark (excluding Greenland and Faroe Islands), Germany, Finland (excluding Ã…land), France (excluding Corsica, overseas departments and territories), Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain (including Balearic Islands but excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla) Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway (excluding Svalbard) and the United Kingdom. This Plan is not offered to persons who have not reached the age of majority. This Plan is not available where prohibited by law.

As you can see, Saudi Arabia and UAE are not in the list. Even though on Arab Computers’ (Apple Distributor in Saudi Arabia) product page there is a picture of an AppleCare box. So do not bother buying AppleCare unless you are planning to travel to any of these countries.

Update: Thanks to Saud iAspire and Qusay for informing me that they both had support under AppleCare even though Saudi Arabia and UAE are not mentioned in the AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions. Maybe someone should update the terms and conditions page on Apple.com.

Update 2: Thanks Magnus for the update: “A representative for ABM has indeed confirmed today that they do honor AppleCare.” Apple should add middle east countries to AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions.

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  1. It’s quite unfortunate though, we could use an Apple Care program in the Midde East. Thanks for the info!

  2. ABM has previously stated that they honor AppleCare, wonder if they’ve changed position. I’ve put a question to ABM in Dubai, let’s see what they say.

  3. A representative for ABM has indeed confirmed today that they do honor AppleCare.

  4. My experience,

    In 2007 while I was still living in KSA, I had a business trip to the USA.

    In NY I bought an 80GB iPod, did not open it until I got to Saudi. it was dead. Took it to ABM, it was less than 3 weeks old, I had the receipt.

    They told me they would only look at it if I agree to pay 50SR, I refused, I had a trip to Abu Dhabi in two weeks and told them I am going to take it there, since UAE is where ABM’s main office is.

    In Abu Dhabi, I take it to ABM, they look at at… they tell me sorry, we can’t do anything…

    At that time I lost all hope, but as I was planning on going to Australia later that year, I kept it with the receipt.

    Once I got to Australia, I took it to Next Byte, an authorized apple reseller, since we did not have an Apple store yet, the lady punched a few numbers in her computer, saw that it was still under warranty and gave me a new one, no questions asked no fuss no nothing, she did not even look at the receipt.

    My MBP, which I bought from saudi, had some problems after 18 months, I had bought apple care when I got to Australia, and it has been fixed by Next Byte twice.

    the only difference is that when I bought apple care, I had to send copies of the original purchase invoice so they can confirm when it was bought… unlike the rest of the world with computers, our apple purchases are not in any system.

    That is my story, would ABM fix a MBP from another country like a respectable apple reseller or service center would? I DO NOT THINK SO. If they would not do that for an iPod.

    Best Regards,

  5. Even India is not mentioned in that list, but hell, I recently bought one from eBay, and registered it in India. Worked out fine. http://rutsum.com/getting-a-cheap-applecare-protection-plan-for-your-macbook

    I think for a correct list, you should check out the link where you have to actually register the APP, and then see the countries mentioned in the drop down list.

  6. i`m sorry . i should ask ..

    i`m planing to buy an iPhone 3gs from apple store online (australia) and ship it back to saudi arabia ,, should i buy it with AppleCare .. or there is no need !! ,,

    another question .. i`ve been looking and reading about unlocked iPhone 3GS .. i found it only in austalia and italy .. if i bought it from apple store online .. it will be unlocked . right !!

    • no need for AppleCare for the iPhone, but you can only repair the iPhone back in Australia.
      it’s good actually, because mobily doesn’t know how to support the iPhone

  7. I am planing to buy mac book air from Dubai, UAE.

    Do i need to buy apple care ?

    If yes, then from where ? in Dubai no reseller is dealing with apple care. They have their own warranty procedures. 

    OR is it possible to buy macbook air from Dubai & Apple Care from Sweden, as i mostly travel to Sweden ?


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