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Daily Archives: June 2, 2009

AppleCare is not covered in Saudi Arabia, UAE according to Apple terms

I have been curious about Apple’s AppleCare. It is Apple’s support solution that extends the complimentary coverage on your Mac to three years from the computer’s purchase date. But looking at AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions, under Europe, Middle East and Africa. I found this PDF file with the following: This Plan is offered and valid only in Austria, ...

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iTunes 8.2, QuickTime and GarageBand updated

Apple updated three of it’s applications today. The iTunes 8.2 update adds support for iPhone or iPod touch with 3.0 software. It also “includes many accessibility improvements and bug fixes”. iTunes 8.2 file site is 80MB. Apple also updated QuickTime to 7.6.2 to increase reliability, improve compatibility and enhance security. The update plugs gaping QuickTime security holes according to ZDnet. ...

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