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New Apple policy regarding iPhone repair and replacement

A new policy by Apple allows replacing a liquid-damaged iPhone for $199. This policy also applies to out-of-warranty iPhones that would normally require the purchase of a new iPhone.

The iPhone is equipped with four liquid submersion indicators: one in the headset jack, one in the dock connector, and two on interior surfaces. The indicators have been used by Genius Bar staff to help determine if an owner’s iPhone problem was caused by liquids, which are not covered by Apple’s warranty.

According to iPhone Alley, Apple is also repairing broken iPhone screens for $199.

I would assume that these policies would be applied world wide. Will Mobily in Saudi Arabia apply the same policy even after the warranty period?

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  1. Khaled, where to go to get my broken screen replaced for 3GS? 

  2. Khaled, where to go to get my broken screen replaced for 3GS in Riyadh that is?


  3. Dear Khaled/Saudi Mac Users,

    Please advice me on this issue.

    I had purchased iPhone 4s from Singapore in the grey market last November.

    Suddenly the screen has gone blank/frozen. I tried everything resetting the iPhone by pressing power and home button continuously for 45 secs with iPhone being charged.
    I also tried a restore to factory settings through iTunes.

    Now I assume that it is a hardware issue where the screen has gone bad and needs replacement?

    What should I do:
    -send this to SIngapore by courier and get it repaired?

    -send it to a Apple store when I go to USA and pay for the repair?

    My iPhone 3GS that I brought from Mobily 2 years ago is still working fine; I wonder if this screen issue going bad was a piece of bad luck or because I got it from a a? grey market.

    Thanks for your time and advice

  4. I have iphone 4s blk..i wnt to change blk case to white..how can i do it…plz anyone konw it plz tll me…..

  5. Mr. Khaled , do u know how much it cost for hardware repair? my wifi wont open. i’m afraid that it might be a hardware problem

  6. sorry but im referring to iphone 4s wifi button. it wont open

  7. i just bought my iphone last march, in batha. i lost the receipt, do u think they will repair it or replace it. coz i read that apple products has 1 yr warranty. do u thing the cellphone store in batha still honoring that warranty?


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