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STC data settings for the iPhone 3G (and iPhone 3GS)

For tethering: How To: iPhone tethering with STC Jawalnet.

As we have established before, the iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS sold in Saudi Arabia by Mobily is unlocked no matter what Mobily employees claim. So you can use an STC SIM card if you really want to.

As for the 3G data settings on the iPhone 3G, here’s what you need to do: Go to Settings, General, Network and finally Cellular Data Network. In the APN (access point name) field type in jawalnet.com.sa. Then go back to Network and make sure to Enable 3G.

STC settings on iPhone

Update: make sure to restart the iPhone after you have changed the settings.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. excuse me.
    but could you also post on how to configure visual voicemail on iphone 3g. with mobily and zain and stc. please.

  2. خبر رائع بصراحة .. ولاكن قد سمعت انهم يقولون حاليا لا تشتغل الا على موبايلي فقط .. ارجوا الافاده

  3. This settings used to work with me. Few days ago,I get an error. Is this setting are still valid? Does STC changed their APN.

  4. the settings are working after iPhone restart.. thank you

  5. طيب لو أشتريتو مثلا من أمريكا وأشتريت من هنا شريحة موبايلي يشتغل في السعوديه بدون فك الحماية

  6. Greetings,
    I had recently upgraded my iphone to the 3.0 firmware, and eventually lost all my jailbreaking privileges. No problem I can always re-jailbreak and install them, I thought.

    I’ve tried to set up the internet carrier as I have before the firmware update but to no avail. I have tried your generous suggestions and advise but of no use. I still get the “Cannot Open Page” Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet.

    I have followed your suggestions to the point. I had even resetted the settings and re-inputed the fields again as a possible reason, also the result was negative.

    Any ideas on what may be happening?

    Many thanks

  7. Hi all,

    One small issue i faced more than a year ago was with my iPhone 2g. I installed Boss Preferences from Installer/Cydia & later disabled Edge from it. and then i had to upgrade which lost me the Boss Preferences, But in the background the EDGE was disabled. so when i resinstalled boss preferences & enabled it. All worked fine 🙂

    Might want to make sure if there was any application you removed after changing settings. Hope you are catching my drift. Jawalnet.com.sa works perfectly for me !


  9. yes InshAllah it should work for both sir ..

  10. Hey I have a quick question. I have a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3GS (using ultrasn0w) that i bought from AT&T in the US. Im using it on my postpaid STC line and put in the APN settings and everything is working fine except for one problem which is pretty annoying, and i was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this same issue.

    The problem im having is that the iPhone connection is unreliable. The phone periodically loses connection, usually when i try to use the internet. The 3G or edge logo disappears for a couple seconds, the signal goes down to one bar, and i get the error message “cannot connect to network” or something. Then a couple seconds later (sometimes longer) everything goes back to normal and it works again, and i can surf the net and make calls. Sometimes it happens a couple times in a row, sometimes it doesnt happen at all.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? I had the same issue last time i came to jeddah when i still had my old iPhone 3G so i dont think its a 3GS issue.

    Saudi is the only place where this happens. Ive used the phone in London and Egypt when it was jailbroken and unlocked and it worked perfectly there.

    Is this an STC issue, or is it my sim card, or is this a common problem. ANy help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance…

    • This is actually STC’s fault. I have noticed that STC and mobily had bad signals in Jeddah.

    • I know this is a bit late, but i will post for others might benefit.

      I had the same problem with my 3GS – 3.0.1 firmware, jailbroken – what I did is I choose STC manually. then I choose Automatic. it reconnects whenever the signal is lost. the thing is, I need to manually choose a carrier once i am outside Saudi, e.g. Bahrain.

  11. MZ,

    I cannot say for sure since I have been using the phone for over a year now. Mostly in Saudi & have been to another 7-8 countries in the meantime. It never gave me such a problem. Did you find this problem only in Jeddah ? Since in Riyadh the service is pretty good & I never faced a problem of losing the signals ! Maybe its the 3G but in that case you would have found the problem elsewhere too.

    I jailbroke one of my friends iPhone & he had the same problem with yellowsn0w but not with ultrasnow, you can try to use with another aljawal sim if you can manage from a friend for sometime. That might give you a better idea.

    all the best ..

  12. MZ,

    I just got back in Kingdom with my untrasn0wed 3GS also jailbroken from AT&T. I’m having a worse problem than you. If I enable 3G, my cell signal drops to nothing and then I lose Edge. I can’t get Edge back (forget about 3G) without restarting my phone.

    I am thoroughly confused. If anyone has any hints on this that would be great!


  13. You guys are scaring me, I am arriving to jeddah very soon and i already have my iPhone 3G unlocked to use it with Mobily network.

    Is there any special configueration for mobily? which one is better (network and quality wise) Mobily or STC?

  14. I have 3G and it works perfectlywith both carriers in Jeddah. But How to operate the mms stc thanks guyz.

    • Turns out my issue was just a setting on STC’s part. They did something to my account and I’m up and running. MMS settings were posted above…. They seem to work…

  15. I could manage to see the liitle cam and take pics on the sms text window using the settings(http://mms.net.sa:2008/) above but did’nt work.i failed to send any ..any help.. thanks

  16. Gyz have u ever tried to download ur iphotos to ur computer? If not tell me and I will give u the way n how to do it.. so eazy

  17. I finally configured mms for stc on my iphone.. here is how:
    settings>General>Network> Cellular data Network>
    APN mms.net.sa
    MMSC http://mms.net.sa:8002/
    MMS Proxy
    Then yu have to restart ur iphone
    Good luck

  18. by the way u don’t need to fill jawalnet.com.sa or to enable 3G.. with the settings above i am able to send and receive mms by all its features audio clips video clips and photos .. how cool thanx to you mn jid Thanks

  19. anyone,knows what is the APN for mobily internet?pls help me..thnks

  20. sir khaled, im using laptop. i can’t open the internet, i need APN for mobily.thanks.

  21. sir khalid, im using laptop, i buy usb data modem,i cant open. what is the APN for mobily inrtnet.thanks.pls help me.

  22. hi anyone knows what is the best network in jeddah area?

  23. Hi,
    I am not able to sent SMS through Iphone 3G( I am using STC Sim). I am able to recieve the SMS, can anyone help me to fix this?

  24. thank you Sir. It works.

  25. Hi, I’m using iPhone 3G and it’s unlocked from manufacturer. It works perfectly using the recommended network setup from your site. The thing that I can’t set it right is that whenever I set the network to use 3g band I can’t connect to the net except through Wi Fi. But if I turn it off I can receieve data through the net but it’s much slower you know. Does anyone have a solution for this matter?

  26. Hey bros,

    I seem to also be having the same problem as some others. I put in the required info for MMS to work. I am able to take a picture but when I try to send it, it shows that it is sending for a while but then fails. Any idea how to fix this? I put in all of this information:

    MMSC: mms.net.sa:8002/ *slash is important here*
    APN: mms.net.sa


  27. STC MMS Settings work perfectly on iPhone 3GS.


  28. hi guys,

    I have a question – how much does it cost to have the 3G services active on sawa on a iphone 3gs ? I followed instructions on this website and its working – but I have no idea what is the cost? how will I find out?


  29. Salam Nadia,

    If you did not activate one of their packages then its going to cost you 2 riyals per MB. That is a bit expensive. You can activate a 30MB package for 10 riyals. What type of package you need really comes down to how you end up using your phone/internet. If you are going to be on it all day looking at different websites and downloading or viewing videos then you need at least 1 gig of internet and that will be 100 riyals.

    And Allah knows best. 🙂


  30. Thanks so much!

  31. You are welcome. Does anyone know how to get MMS working on the iPhone 3G! I did all of the instructions above and it is still not working.

    My previous post:

    I seem to also be having the same problem as some others. I put in the required info for MMS to work. I am able to take a picture but when I try to send it, it shows that it is sending for a while but then fails. Any idea how to fix this? I put in all of this information:
    MMSC: mms.net.sa:8002/ *slash is important here*
    APN: mms.net.sa


  32. I have followed the proedure in this page. It doesn’t seam to be working to connect my 3GS Iphone using Jawal net. is the procedure in this page is enough.

  33. i carnt recive pic mesage on my iphone 3g can eney 1 help

  34. I tried the below on a 3gs and it ain’t working either, sending a picture fails:

    APN mms.net.sa
    MMSC http://mms.net.sa:8002/
    MMS Proxy

    Restarted my iphone and still not working, any idea what’s going on?

  35. Has anyone noticed a drop in stc service this past weeks? I am no longer allowed to connected to jawal net! when I called customer service they said “updating system..maybe done in one week. inshallah”

  36. hi,
    i tried all the mms settings for stc and restarted the phone and it still doesnt work! any ideas?

  37. Salam Nora,

    I actually got mine working. Mind you, you can only send to other STC customers and international. I have not been able to send to Mobily customers. Tell me exactly what settings you have put in your phone and is it a 3G or 3GS?

    Make sure in the MMS filed where it says APN to add: mms.net.sa


    Madinah, KSA

  38. Salaam,
    I was in U.S and got my iPhone from there. Voicemail was working great with AT&T. Can any one tell us how can we configure the setting for voice mail from stc and from the iPhone. Thanks!

  39. Hi Khaled A.

    In America we can send free text messages to people if we know their numbers and email address for that particular number. Each provider has a unique email address for their number. If I know yours for example, I could just go into my email and send you a message and you would receive it as an sms. Do you or anyone else know what it is for Al Jawal and Mobily?



  40. Yes, just for text messaging. I need to know how to do it though! This can save EVERYONE a lot of money texting.

  41. Hey Guys,

    Does any1 know how to connect an iphone 2G (im using STC) ??
    And MMS too if that’s possible

  42. just wonderful its works, thanks buddy..

  43. Dear Khalid,
    i am a bit furustrated now..i dont know what to do i had a old a sim card which was 2G than i’ve switched to new al-jawal 3G but i cant see 3G still there is edge only…i have done everything enable 3G restart everything….all in vain do you have any idea what should i suppose to do.

  44. Hi can any one help me…I buy the Jawal postpaid Sim Card with USB device. After plugin to computer its not connecting. is there any setting need or just plugin and it will be connected to internet.
    in the connection profile am confused its asking Account,Number,APN,Username,Password,Protocol. what shall i give in this entry boxes.

  45. somebody know who can ulocked my ip 3gs completely? i can use it but the problem when i turn off i will lock again

  46. my iphone 3gs bought from UK, we unlocked it and we used and working from any sim, the only problem i need to unlock 100% so it will not lock everytime i off my iphone, do u know sombody from jeddah who can ulock it OS 3.1.2

  47. my sim is STC. i am using china made iphone VERTICE WiFi600, I Cann’t able to access yahoo mail /google. please may somebody will me to set my iphone fo access internet?


  48. Same story my friend give me iphone from USA 3Gs last V 3.1.3 and i have it here in Saudi Arabia but its use less not working with STC I visit some expert tech at AR-Riyadh and Al-Khoper and they said, wait sometime next month there will be software will open it enshallah.

    Any one has idea about this issue???


  49. Well azeez the thing is ur OS system might be 3.1.3 .. & if that’s the case then there is no jailbreak “yet” for it ..

  50. Thank you very much.. you are genious

  51. Data settings didnt work with me .. got 2 iphone 3Gs one dosent work with 3G network just WIFI & both dont work with MMS ……. plz advise wt 2 do ??

  52. Are these settings for the prepaid or postpaid STC sims???…… -Cuz i’m subscribed to the 1gb jawalnet packege (postpaid) and i don’t want to get charged for my using as “extra fee” to the package…

  53. how to activate MMS iphone 3gs in STC?

  54. 100% Guaranteed it will work. Just make sure you do not enter any more information and restart the Phone after setting the following information. Also you might need send text message to 902 as 1000 to activate your MMS feature.
    You can change your SIM to the new 3G compatible SIM from nearest STC office if you want 3G and activate 3G from setting menu. Note: Activating 3G will drain battery faster than 2G.

    Cellular Data
    APN jawalnet.com.sa

    APN mms.net.sa
    MMSC http://mms.net.sa:8002/
    MMS Proxy
    MMS Max Message Size
    MMS UA Prof URL

    Internet Tethering

  55. Dear all,
    I have a little problem here, that I have an original iphone (opened) I bought it from KSA, the problem is that I want to benefit from the internet Tethering when I tried to do so, the Tethering icon disappeared, I don’t want to do jail break any hints?

  56. How much more frustrated can someone be with the Iphone in Saudi Arabia. I bought a iphone 3GS from Mobily, now I called the STC and I asked to be connected to the internet, I bought the 1 gig for one hundred riyals. I received a message from STC telling me I was connected, I did like you adviced and went setting, genera, network,Cellular data network and typed jawalnet.com.sa in the APV then went back and enabled 3G. Still not connected, what else shall I do? Please help.
    I also only receive a little white square where pictures are sent by mail with a little blue question mark in them. Can’t receive attatched pics, what shall I do???????? Please help Thanks in advance

    • Someone help me please, I have been able to connect to the internet, I subscribed to Jawal Business Net ( got a message from them telling me I am connected now), I can only access the internet using my Iphone 3GS when I turn my WiFi on. I went to setting, general, network, and cellular date network and entered jawalnet.com.sa in APV then enabled 3G Please help.

  57. Hi Mr. Khaled I”m having i phone 3g from mobily for more than a year. after 1 year I used STC sim card and it works with out a problem. My problem now is, there are many area’s here in Jeddah that I can not use my I phone for out going calls even the signalis high but I can receive incoming calls?? then there are some areas that it works in out going calls?? Pls. help me.. Thanks.

  58. hello All, I have a problem; I bought a stc connect and plugged it to my mac, I installed the software “quick net” that comes with the usb, but I can’t stay connected for more than 15 mins, its disconnect by its self and then I could try for more than 10 times to get connected again :S:S:S:S, I tried the GPRS connection and the UMTS connection, they both have the same problem, I tried also to do the tethering on the iphone, but it also have the same problem it connects for les than 10 seconds and then disconnect, I can’t do any thing, any suggestions 

  59. Iphone 3G 4.0 ( I am using STC Sim). net settings can anyone help me to fix this?

  60. I am using Iphone 3G 4.0 firmware ( I am using STC Sim). i wan net settings plz…………..

  61. Hi there…

    I need your help please T_T

    I can’t connect to EDGE any more.. I don’t know what went wrong and I have done all possible solutions you might think of 

    Restoring network settings, restoring Firmware, changing SIMs and all these kinda stuff. All I get when I connect to Safari it gives me this message ” cannot connect to server because it’s not connected to internet” I don’t even get to see the message it flashes so fast .. hardly read it ><

    Please help me 

  62. I am using Iphone 3G 4.0 firmware ( I am using STC Sim). i wan net settings plz…………..

    no same v.4.0

  63. dear i have installed the settings as mentioned above but still it is not working please advice thanks.

  64. Dear ……

    I am having the same situation . Could any1 sort it out ….
    I am using Iphone 3G software version 4.0. ( with STC Sim Postpaid). when in older version din face any situation like this …. but with the new version i had tried as mentioned above …… but in the network setting i can find cellular data on/Off option but cannot find APN…. Please guide…

    Thanking you in advance… 🙂

  65. i want delet my mms setting..daily cut my curince1.50 sr

  66. i have an unlocked iphone4 in which i have entered the apn settings, however, the phone will not let me download big applications from the app store. please advise.

    • if you were on 3G connection, the max size of application is 20 MB, you can connect to WiFi to get bigger apps, or you can tether the internet on your laptop and download them directly from app store 

  67. wow this is a amazing seething this is working in my i phone 3g 3.1.2 thanks for stc and all friend’s

  68. Thanks guys, Net and MMS both working…. 

  69. For those who r using the STC internet data card “Quciknet ” in the iphone the APN is : Afaqwireless.com

    and NOT the same as the regular one : jawal.net.com .sa

  70. Saadeddin Berjawi

    I activated the 3G 500 Gb Bundle on my number, it turns out that I need to change my sim card, cause it’s old and doesn’t support 3G, so I did, but Still 3G is not working unfortunately.

    I have an iphone 3GS, 4.1 firmware, I put the jawalnet.com.sa in the APN cellular Data Network settings…still nothing…

    Please help

  71. Hi guys,

    i have a frustrating problem, i have an iphone 4G jailbroken and unlocked (not officially) and have tried every thing you guys kindly suggested and offer but still my attempts to connect to the internet is helpless without any point. I even called STC many times and they confirmed that my data plan was activated. I mean i tried everything i could and know but still can not even get connected. I even tried the same sim card with my ipad and still no positive result. I have actually cut the sim into Micro SIM.

    please your help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.



  72. Saadeddin Berjawi

    I dont know why i have a feeling that the problem is with the 4.1 IOS and STC…cause mobily with iso 4.1, but i tried another sim on my iphone from stc.it worked quite well

  73. Hi everyone,
    I have a 3G that I got from Mobily in ’09, it was unlocked, life was good. Then a problem with the sound made me take it to Mobily and they replaced it with one that was locked! I have tried unlocking it a gazillion times with no luck. The jailbreak is ok, although a bit slow. The last unlock I did was with ultrasn0w, and it seemed to be working when I put my  stc chip in, but then I got the lock screen and asked to connect to iTunes, which insisted that my sim card is wrong. I can receive calls and messages on the phone (on stc) but I can’t access the iPhone anymore. It’s all very frustrating!

    Can anyone help, please? My iOS is 3.1.3

  74. I am using a Iphone 3g. I have noticed that the saffari opens fines on the 3G network on STC. However the problem i am facing is i cannot open STC Home page from the messages i receive from STC to renew my Internet package.

    Someone pleas help

  75. I am using 4.2.1 firm ware and with the 4.2.0 firmware everything worked fine. Ever since i updated the firmware i am facing this problem.

    Please help…..

  76. Mohammed azam saberi

    Dear, I am using a SAWA prepaid service. I want to activate the internet connection for it, Can some one help me out in doing that. Thanks

    • Now with the new update for the STC sim cards for iPhone, you can be directly connected to the internet with out any settings, but you have to be sure that your cellular data is on and your 3G is enabled. To do so go: settings-> general -> Network 
      I hope that worked fine with you

  77. hi , I have iphone 4 and im trying to make the setting fot al jawal net but the issue is i dont have cellular data network i only have the on/off icon, would you please provide me or advise me what to do ?

    • I have the same problem with my iPhone4. Edge is getting connected but 3G is not functioning, I called helpline and they said my sim is 3G enabled. Can anyone help me out with this problem.

  78. Thanks for the post. I used it and was able to access with my 3gs. Thanks a lot.

  79. I am using iPhone 3G jailbroken, I have activated data package but not able to connect to internet,
    This is new sim and never used internet in this sim, I used another sim card with same APN settings everything working fine, problem is only from new sim card. is der any steps to finish before I use new sim card?

  80. hello i m from greece and i ve bought an iphone 4 from there . Now i m in saudia and i m using STC sim card! Can anyone tell me why i can onlu connect with edge and not with 3g!!???

    • make sure to turn on the 3G option from: settings –> general –> network –> enable 3G. It also might be due to your location, try other locations. if you don’t have any solution contact STC offices.

  81. I have problem with my iphone 3GS after i upgrade iOS latest version. Now my cellular data is not working and STC deducting my prepaid load 0.80 halala everyday even I’m not using my STC sim card on my iPhone. Anyone can help me what is the best thing to do? Thanks in advance.

  82. i have mobily usb dongle i cracked the dongle from the vendor shop to use my sawa sim . can anyone tell me how to configure settings of my sawa sim card to connect internet

  83. thank you 

    from india mumbai 

  84. thank you 

    from India Mumbai 

  85. IM SATTING IN No working plz help me

  86. can you tell me the manual setting for stc quicknet lite data sim to use it in a universal usb modem?

    i want the dialing number for quicknet lite sim

  87. I am following the steps as given follows buh still having a problem while connecting.. PLease help

  88. Thanx a lot bro. U have solved my big problem, infact STC by itself was not able to solve it. Thanx.

  89. hey guys,
    when ia m opening yahoo mail in ma mobile(nokia 2630) they says preffer acces point i dont understand why???


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