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Free iPhone Development course on iTunes U

Stanford University is publishing video podcasts and PDF slides for an iPhone development course. You can download the course by following this iTunes link free of charge.

You will need a US iTunes store account which you can create by following this guide. (via roughly drafted magazine).

In other iPhone development items, TUAW has finally updated their iPhone Dev 101 series with Creating Xcode projects, brief Xcode UI overview.

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  1. يعطيك العافيه يا بطل

  2. Thank you very much Khaled 🙂


    BTW, I’m downloading the contents now without the need to the “US iTunes Store Account”

  3. Salam people,
    I have a small non-profit project that requires some xcode experience in developing an app for mac. All the requirement is that you know, or would like to program in objective-c on xcode and can read/write Arabic.
    contact me on – fun2go78 at gmail dot com


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