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How to Create a Free US iTunes Store Account

Follow this new and updated guide instead.

The Saudi Arabia iTunes Store is currently limited to iPhone applications. You cannot access features like reviewing podcasts, downloading iTunes U courses and accessing free iTunes Store content. And to create a United States iTunes Store account you will need a US issued credit card.

The following guide (translated from this Arabic guide by Milyani) will help you create a free US iTunes Store account.

1. Enter this website. Rockstar is offering 3 free songs from their latest Grand Theft Auto video game. You will use the coupon code.

2. Click the “get code” button. You will see a coupon code (save it). Click redeem and it will launch iTunes.

3. You will get the sign in window. Click Create Account. Click Continue.

4. Click the checkbox to accept the license agreement and click Continue.

5. Fill in login/password/etc then click Continue.

6. You will get the credit card selection option, choose none.

7. Enter the code that you got in step 2.

8. Enter a US based address. If you have an Aramex or myus account then use it here. Click Continue.

9. Now you have a US iTunes Store account. If you want to buy anything then you need to purchase an iTunes Gift Card.

Update: I was told that you no longer need to redeem a card to create an account. I will test it later.

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  1. Thanks, it worked for me…

    • Hello,


      Purchased a 50$ card from Itechia in KIngdom mall for 349 RIyals!!!! That is double the conversion rate.

      Trying to download a movie and a 1 Gb download is taking more than 24 hours on A Mobily Wireless broadband service.

      Has anyone tried downloading anything from iTunes- How about HD movies? Why is it so slow?

    • I usually use the iTunes account for downloading apps, I didn’t download anything over 200MB. But I guess using mobily connect is a bad idea with large files.

  2. Thanks a lot Khaled. Tis works. I pretty much had given up on creating a I Tunes store account as I was under the impression that you need a credit card information to be given.

    Can we buy ITunes gift certificate from US and use it from Riyadh?

  3. BIG BIG Thanks.. works for me too..

    No my problem is: How do I get to but itunes cards/ gift certificates in Saudi Arabia? I don’t have US credit cards.

  4. just bought it a few days ago.. SR250 for US50 card

  5. يعطيك الف عافيه .. انا من فتره ادور شرح لطريقة التسجيل المجاني بحساب امريكي
    تم حفظ الصفحة بالمفضلة

  6. sir,i have a question whenevr i try to create an account for apps store in itunes without credit card i never ever get any email for verification in my inbox (i have tried resending and changing email adress as well).what could be the problem?is it because credit card a must for downloading apps.thanks for advice

  7. WTF…. why should i do all that just to get music form itunes, i mean if apple don’t recognize want to sell music or applications for one reason or another to people outside the U.S… its there lost!

  8. @Khaled, I made my account through this link. It is much more easier:


  9. Free accounts are cool if you are only interested in downloading free content, but if you want to be able to buy content then you need a proper account. You can go to iTunes Access at http://www.itunesaccess.com – they have a service where they help you create a real US based account. They also sell prepaid gift card credit which they email to you so you can start buying stuff right away.

  10. if i create a us based account then would i be able to application from it or not , apart from tht would a gift certificate from us work in saudia or not ???

  11. I buy the iTunes vouchers from this site: http://itunes-express.web.officelive.com/default.aspx

  12. Hi to all …. i tried to make US new account but there is no “NONE” for method of payment, i just bought my iphone, so EXCITED before i got it …. NOW i’m disappointed because of this ITUNES account. PLEASE HELP KHALED …. i need FREE ITUNES ACCOUNT … THANKS

    • do you have a US address? something from Aramex maybe? almost everyone have an Aramex account, use that 🙂
      “none” will only appear if you try to buy a FREE application.
      For example, find an application called “Remote” it’s from Apple and it’s free.

  13. Where can I buy iTunes gift cards in Riyadh (other than itechia)?

  14. Mr khaled A. What online store you recommend in buying iTunes gift card. Does it really work here in Saudi?? How much is the total cost including shipping fee (in Saudi Riyal) if I’m gonna buy 100$…. Really buying from iTechia cost a lot of money..

  15. Khaled ,
    Can I buy the books from iBook store . I have I tune gift card purchased from saudi Arabia and I also have aramex USA address. Can I use my Saudi bank issued  credit card for purchasing

    Your response will be appreciated

  16. buy US gift cards for iTunes and match, prepaid VISA and AMEX cards as well- fast and safe through paypal from anywhere in the worldddd 🙂 here:


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