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To be an iPhone developer in a country without an Apple Online Store then you will need a fax machine.

To be a Saudi iPhone Developer You Will Need a Fax Machine

If you want to develop for the iPhone then the first step is downloading and installing the iPhone SDK. But then you will only be able to test your applications in an iPhone simulator. If you want to publish your applications on the iTunes App Store then you need to enroll in the iPhone Developer Program.

The standard iPhone Developer Program cost $99 a year for individuals and companies (enterprise cost $299). Start the enrollment process here. You will need an Apple ID, you can register for one in the process.

But because Saudi Arabia does not have an Apple Online Store (even though we have an Saudi Arabia iTunes App Store) you will need to download a pdf form from Apple. Complete the form then fax it. Receive an activation code (by email, you don’t need to receive a fax thankfully) then finally activate your iPhone Developer Program.


This is probably the same in other countries as well. Any country without an Online Apple Store will need to perform the manual fax steps. This is yet another reason for having an official presence by Apple in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. I have a quick question for you, by applying to apple to be a developer, do you automatically get the new update oir the iPhone? Hope someone can answer me, thank you all.

  2. Yes… you do … I got the 3.0 working on my iPod touch …

    this is the beta .. don’t know about the final release …

    take care …

  3. Can you forward the pdf file to me. I want to enroll in the program and I can’t find the file…

  4. you have go here and enroll ammar : developer.apple.com/iphone

    And people who’ve registered from Saudi Arabia and got accepted, could you give me an estimate of how much it took since you faxed the PDF file?

    I did fax it, and its taking forever for apple to reply.

    btw, do we have a saudi apple iphone developer forum or something.. in jeddah preferebly

  5. I already applied. It’s been a week now and I still haven’t received an activation email. I’ve read stories all over the net of people taking more than a month to receive their activation emails. I live in the UAE BTW, and it’s the same issue here.

    This sucks. I’m on a tight schedule.

  6. does anyone know a place in riyadh where they offer iphone development certifications? thanks in advance


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