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MacHeist 3 Bundle

MacHeist is offering their third Mac software bundle. The bundle cost $39 and includes up to 12 applications currently valued at $558. The applications are:

  • Picturesque: image editor.
  • PhoneView: iPhone/iPod touch tool.
  • LittleSnapper: image organizer.
  • Acorn: photo editor.
  • Kinemac: 3D animator.
  • World of Goo: game.
  • iSale: eBay software.
  • SousChef: Cooking recipe organizer.
  • Big Bang Board Games: for the first 25,000 buyers.
  • WireTap Studio: audio recorder, to be unlocked.
  • BoinxTV: video recorder, to be unlocked.
  • The Hit List: Getting Things Done (GTD) application, to be unlocked.
  • Espresso: web development tool, to be unlocked.

Event Box is free for all visitors as well. 25% of every sale go to charity.

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  1. what is an event box?
    a little notice to saudi macintosh users : in saudi arabia its legal to pirate stuff off the internet,so do that instead of using money.but i do not recommend this to anyone outside of ksa.
    try the pirate bat,mac-torrents,mininova,isuhunt.
    and these free programs :utorrent,vuze (formally azerous)
    im not saying its great to steal,but its not illegal and the companies barley sell to the saudi market,so i just do itfor free.to save money.and i also dont have a credit card…so its my only way of getting apps for my mac…

  2. Ahmed,
    Eventbox posts to twitter/facebook/etc from one client.

    it’s not “legal” to pirate in Saudi Arabia, so we don’t recommend that.

  3. Ahmed, what makes you think it’s legal to steal software off the internet in Saudi Arabia, even if there’s isn’t a law on this? It’s obviously a wrong thing to do.

    Many people argue that they do this to save money. How about this, I don’t want to spend money on a new car, so I just go ahead and steal one instead. I’m just saving money, right?

    You don’t have a credit card? Easy, just apply for one. It’s not an excuse to steal software.

    Even if you don’t want to pay for software, there’s always a free alternative. Can’t afford Microsoft Office? Get OpenOffice. Adobe Photoshop? There’s GIMP. There’s a whole list you can look at here: http://www.osalt.com/ Sure, they might not be as good as the real thing, but here’s the thing: You get what you pay for.

    I apologize if I sounded harsh, but I take this issue very seriously.

  4. i can see that. and i do not want this to turn into a war of opinions but i forget to mention that im only 15 years of age… and still cannot apply for one,my father does have a visa but hes too in-dept because of our new house (construction,bills etc).he would not let me use it anyway because he had been cheated on with fake websites quit a lot a long time ago and lost alot of money,so no matter how much i connivence/pursued him into using it,he just thinks that im falling for a cheating website like he did…both my parents are very hard-headed.and the apple stores dont offer those software that i want…i first started looking for trails demos and shareware softwares,eventually i got fed-up of continually downloading free trials and making new emails after i was told about pirating.i m not happy about it,i just dont feel guilty.and also : stealing a car is COMPLETELY NOT THE SAME AS pirating software,a better example would be “stealing candy from a baby”.i m sorry i wrote immaturely in the last post,i was in a hurry.and i do know that this is bad i will not pirate software when im older,i do respect those honest hardworking developers but if they didnt offer their software in ksa,i dont feel of their hard work,sadly…


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