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Daily Archives: March 2, 2009

iPhone 3G with Mobily: Only for VIP?

We reported earlier about new Mobily iPhone 3G bundles, the new bundles had an asterisk on each one with “* Conditions and terms apply” in the footer. What Mobily did not reveal was what those terms and conditions are. You had to go to a Mobily store and ask them. But apparently most customers can only get the original 99SR ...

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Safari 4 Guides in Arabic

Yousef Raffah posted a handful of Safari 4 beta guides. Apple released the latest beta of their browser application and you can download it from Apple’s website. Hidden Safari 4 settings. Fixing GrowlMail with Safari 4. Fixing Hotmail with Safari 4. My personal solution is to not use hotmail! Switching tabs in Safari 4. Adding zoom in Safari 4. 1Password ...

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