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February 2009 iPod prices in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah at WiiPod (an Arabic site about Wii and iPods) has done a comparison of iPod prices between Saudi Arabia (using Jarir Book Store) and Amazon.com. All the iPods that he compared are the latest generation except the iPod Classic 120GB (the last generation 160GB/80GB iPod Classic are listed).
I have provided an additional view on the price difference percentage here:


Via: Comparing iPod prices (Arabic link).

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  1. Considering the price difference, is it worth getting the iPod from Amazon rather than a local store? What about shipping and warranty issues?

  2. actually about ArabComputers supporting the international apple warranty,i asked a guy at the store ”if i buy a mac from the USA,will the warranty still be valid here?”. he said it is completely covered by ArabComputers and is still valid.


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