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Daily Archives: February 22, 2009

Mobily: Arabic for the iPhone 3G is coming from Apple soon

According to Mobily, Apple is working on releasing localized Arabic language support for the iPhone 3G with the next iPhone software update. Currently the only method to enable Arabic support on the iPhone is to jailbreak then purchase Arabtaller. Unfortunately jailbreaking will void the Mobily warranty. You can reverse the jailbreak if you need to. This article by Dan Moren ...

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iPhone 3G is sold unlocked in Saudi Arabia

I have tested my brand new Mobily iPhone 3G with an STC SIM card and it worked. AhmadT tested it, too and in the UAE Shufflegazine tested the Etisalat iPhone 3G and it’s unlocked as well. So you can simply buy the iPhone 3G and switch the SIM card to the carrier of your choice. You will still be paying ...

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