3999SR MacBook in Saudi Arabia

Itechia announced that they are selling a MacBook white for 3999 Saudi Riyals. A decent introductory price for anyone interested in buying a Mac.

The MacBook white comes with a 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, 120GB and it is the last MacBook with a FireWire 400 and a Mini DVI port!

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  • CEnTR4L

    Kinda cool price I guess… thanks for posting :)

  • Khaled A.

    assuming the cheapest MacBook from Apple is $999 I can say it’s a decent price. It’s cheaper than shipping it from the US. Hopefully the MacBook Pro will be priced similiarly…

  • makuono

    Dear sirs,

    I will spend some time at Saudi Arabia and i use a mac. I was wondering how will i connect to the internet with it. What’s the best system? Thank you

    Ricardo Costa

  • Waiel


    Hi Ricardo,

    You can connect the mac to the internet with what ever way you like. same as a normal laptop

    in saudi there is many ways.
    1- connect via wifi ( in the coffe shops )
    2- connect via GPRS
    3- conncet via WIMAX ( using mobily brodband )
    4- connect via DSL.

    if you want mobility i prefer the WIMAX get the mobily wimax as it’s portable and you can connect it anywhere that is covered (especially if you are in riyadh )

  • arqamovais

    what is the price for the new models of macbook

  • Bukhari

    Dear All,

    I am only user for traditional laptops. Now I am thinking to join Mac family. I am working in a large multinational organization and require to be connected to Windows NT. And required to run a web based Workflow program and Ms Office. I am worried that Mac will give trouble in getting connected or exchanging files from other colleagues using Ms Office. And lastly what about the Outlook. Is Ms Office for Mac is compatible with files of Ms Office 2003 or 2007.
    Thanks – Bukhari

    • Khaled A.

      Bukhari: although it is not easy to connect to an NT based network on a Mac, not to mention lack of Arabic on Office 2008 for the Mac (you can thank Microsoft for that). it is better to setup “bootcamp”, which allows you to boot into Windows on your Mac.

  • kirstienne

    can i buy it Cash on Delivery?

  • billy

    this is the old model of macbook i guess. is this the unibody one? glossy palmrest? if not, im right, this is the old model, so you better make it more cheaper my friend.