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New MacBooks available in Riyadh

I got an SMS from Itechia today announcing the availability of the new Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro in their showroom in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Itechia also announced the opening of their newest branch in Riyadh which is located in Hayat Mall in Mursalat.

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  1. what is there price

  2. hi everyone

    right after i checked itechia in tahlia street, i also went to global store in centria mall. it seems that global gives a relatively better package (with 8900sar price of MBP particularly) they give you a free 3-in-1 cannon printer, instal all apps for free. can anybody tell me which shop better/safer to buy from, taking into consideration the service, warranty, and packages. i intend to buy one MBP and a MB (white) for my brother by the end of this month, insha’Allah…

    thank you and Salaam…

  3. Hello yahya,

    I read your post and I thought I should point out something important. You mentioned that GlobalStore offers to install all applications for free. They really shouldn’t be doing this. They’re promoting software piracy, which is illegal and very dishonest.

    Software piracy is a serious issue for software developers on all levels, from indie developers to large software houses such as Microsoft and Adobe. They have the right to sell their software at any price they see fit, and users are obligated to pay for the license if they want use the software. It’s only fair.

    As to where you should buy your new Mac, I strongly recommend to stay away from GlobalStore, or any other reseller that deals with Arab Computers. Read this story that was posted here a while ago:


    iTechia seems to be the only good place to buy a Mac from in Riyadh.

  4. i appreciate your response Talal. Thanks.

  5. sounds talal is right i bought a black macbook more than 1 year ago today i went to the new fiasalia branch as my office in the tower they told me to go to the tahlia i went there they fixed the machine in 1 day!!
    they changed my DVD writer for free
    i bought an ipod car charger and they gave me a 5% discount voucher so i decided to use it after i bought a cleaning spray they gave me another 10% discount voucher 🙂 i will give it to my brother

  6. well yesterday we go there at hayat mall.. we cant find that.. >.< well i guess its a long year ago..

  7. hello,
    i have iphone 5,but i was water damage. does anyone in thalia repair iphone?thanks


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