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Good Conclusion to 2 Years of Frustration with Apple in Saudi Arabia

This is an update to this story of an Apple user in Saudi Arabia who was frustrated with Apple’s distributors in Saudi Arabia for 2 years.
1. We at SaudiMac tried to contact Arab Computers (Apple’s authorized distributor in Saudi Arabia) as well as GlobalStore (An Apple Premium Reseller in Riyadh) and it’s been a month now and neither of those two companies responded to our emails regarding Mr. Talal’s MacBook Pro.
2. Talal told me today that he just received a call from Apple Executive Relations in response to his e-mails to Steve Jobs. She told him that his MacBook Pro will be replaced directly by Apple when he comes to Canada next month.

Talal also took the opportunity to raise his concerns regarding Apple IMC and how they are giving Apple a bad reputation. She assured him that Apple is aware of these concerns and they are working hard on a solution for IMCs.
We learned a few things from all that, first of all, if the local Apple Service Center offered bad service you can still raise the issues to Apple Inc directly and they will most likely respond to you. Also Apple Inc is aware of the issues with Apple IMC and hopefully they would consider launching “Apple Saudi Arabia” and directly sell Apple products.

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  1. I sure would like to know what exactly “She assured him that Apple is aware of these concerns” means…

  2. I guess one example is the IMC warranty…

  3. I think that Mr. Talal has already been refuse by all apple service providers around the world, sadly he would not understand that he is not a mac user at all.

  4. MacMania,

    You’re not making any sense here. Apple did agree to help me out and replace my MacBook Pro. I would say it took a lot longer than it should have because there was some misunderstanding on Apple’s part regarding the severity of my issue.

    I also don’t understand why you’re saying I’m not a Mac user. You don’t know who I am. Are you by any chance one of Arab Computer’s employees?

  5. Should I be one of them, I can tell whether you are a mac user or a p.c. user, since I have a huge background on apple products, unfortunately, 75% of new mac users have second thoughts about apple machines which they already have purchased! why? The good look doesn’t necessarily mean perfection, a different environment makes it even worse for them. I sincerely apologize if I over reacted on your issue, but we need to be reasonable here. What you should do when you purchase an Apple product is register it online, and it is best if you just get an Apple Care with it, so Apple and IMCs will have to Regard their code of conduct.

  6. MacMania,

    Just so you know, I have been a Mac user for 14 years. My first Mac was a Macintosh LC III running System 7. Back then I started learning Adobe Photoshop 2 and HyperCard. So, no, I’m not the average Mac switcher who bought one just because they look pretty.

    My LC III still works to this day, and has never suffered any hardware issue whatsoever. That’s a far cry from this MacBook Pro, with one hardware problem after another in just two years, most of which happened in the first 2 months of ownership. There was clearly a problem.

    Unfortunately, AppleCare isn’t available in Saudi Arabia. Even if you buy AppleCare from a “non-IMC” country such as the US or Canada, Arab Computers don’t honor it here. Another reason why Apple revise their IMC strategy.

    A word of advice: You don’t want to work at Arab Computers. I’ve seen how they operate and deal with their customers, and I honestly believe they have no place in business, let alone represent a company like Apple. A company whose main office is a small house in a residential area doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in them.

    – Talal

  7. Wow, LC III, that’s deep man. The real deal is, Apple Does Not Care About the ME.

  8. GCC support is terrible, had to send a mac air to the USA as the local (Bahrain) agent was giving me a run around. The key board and mouse quit working after 6 months, took it to the agent and he calimed I spilt something in the keyboard and wanted SR 3400 to fix it! Being somewhat of a techie before I took it in I removed the bottom cover and the keyboard worked, when the cover went on it quit, what was happening was the rubber cooling gasket (surrounds the fan and cpu and contacts the bottom case) was pressing on the cpu heat sink (as it is supposed to) to insure good airflow over the “hot parts” This slight pressure was enough to effect a bad solder joint on the logic board, after sending to Apple USA the correct board was repalced at no charge.

  9. Dear Sir,

    I plan in next future for me personal & for my family to change from IPM’s Compatible to MAC. –OS-sys
    At first I would like for my self to buy Mac pro 15” the very new one … in the very next

    1.Is this available now in your store
    2. what you will do .. if something went wrong with the new machines.
    3. What kind of warranty you will give me…… in worst case
    4. Should I climb up from now to higher level ….!
    (then I do not have a plan to go Canada or USA or Germany in the next days )
    Same as Mr.T.Bakry : Kindly find the attached link
    5. Should forget all this incubus …. No Dream is better than Nightmare…
    6. No answer is also one answer… !

  10. I am now horrified and feel too scared to move. I ordered my new iMac through Amazon and it was delivered via courier to me in Saudi. I am LOVING it, however I have a display issue which has developed(smudged, dirty looking horizontal lines in the top Right to the screen) and I am sure it needs to be looked at but I am petrified now to go to Arab Computers…. I am also heavily reliant on the computer on a daily basis and therefore do not want to hand it over to anyone who is not a pro?!!! This is really scary as obviously a significant investment.


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