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My personal experience with iStyle store in Riyadh

My MacBook Pro’s power adapter is almost dead so I had to buy a new one. Buying it online would cost $80 (300SAR) add to that tax and shipping. Contacted Global Store and they told me it’s 450SAR. And iStyle told me its 444SAR.
But when I went to their store to buy it. Which is at the new mall “Riyadh Galleria” on King Fahad Road. They first said the price is 444SAR but then they told me that the price was updated on their computer from the UAE to 480SAR.
Is iStyle authorized by Apple’s Saudi distributor, Arab Computers or UAE’s distributor ABM? If the UAE store raised the price why would the Saudi branch do the same?
Also to note, the $99 (380SAR) value (and even less on Amazon – $70) .mac service is being sold for 460SAR! Just buy it from apple directly or from amazon from my previous link.
Based on my experience I will most likely never buy from iStyle again. I only bought it because I was in a hurry and needed a power adapter urgently. That’s another reason why Apple should sell Macs in Saudi Arabia directly without relying on middlemen like (Apple IMC, ABM and Arab Computers) by the time the products reached the consumer the price would be so high.

Update: In the end, I just wanted a store to give me the price they actually promised a few minutes earlier. Giving me a price and immediately changing it because the head office out of Saudi Arabia decided so is against the consumer. So in the end don’t bother with this store. Any other Apple retailer will be just fine.

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  1. iStyle is an ABM company, but Arab Computers is also an ABM company as far as I understand it. So Apple IMC, ABM and Arab Computers are in effect the same, if I’m right.

  2. I have a similar experience. I brought a iMac for 6890SAR[ specs are 2.66 GhZ Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 Gb RAM and 650 GB Gard disk drive-though Macintosh HD capacity shown is 596.17GB].

    Is this the price that other people paid? This costs 1499$ in US(=1499 X 3.76=5636.00SAR)

  3. I had similar experience in iTechia Store, there is a bald guy who sells there. Very tricky guy, if he knows you have money he will sell everything at a higher price than usual.

    I was buying three week ago some ipod accessories, thought i had a good deal but unfortunatey when i saw the prices in other stores the price is about 50%-75% higher.

    I got rob!

    I will not recommend you guys coming over that store!


    • yo guy i just went there today to check something’s price, i looked at that guy and didn’t feel comfortable looking at him. to give me that thing’s price coz its out of the stock, it took them 30 minutes. Strange store, they sell an official 32 Gb Iphonme for 4999 riyal and when i told the guy mobily has the same from apple for 2900 to pay as you go sims, he replies ( naah it has major problems aint as good as ours) no comment guys.

    • are you serious? which branch?

    • same with me…i really wanted to buy an iphone4 but when i went to itechia store in Tahlia….iPhone4 16gb is worth 4100 SAR..i was really shocked coz mobily offers 2699 only for this model…geezzz…..then i asked my friend in Singapore, when you buy iphone4 online you can get it for 2564 SAR but when you buy it personally from Apple Store there it is 2887 SAR…i thought Saudi Arabia doesn’t have any tax… i mean, at first i thought most of the electronics are cheaper than any other countries due to the low transportation cost (oil-rich country) but i was wrong……

  4. Can anyone give me the contact telephone number of any apple store in Riyadh?
    I need to replace the back cover of my Ipod. Thanks in advance.

  5. I purchased my 15 inch macbook pro, 2.66 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB DDR3 for 10,600SR from istyle this weekend. I must say I’m very disappointed, when I just opened the box and seal the computer looked like it’s been used. The casing had some discoloration on it , I took the cleaning cloth to it and i got rid of most of the mess but there is still some marks on it. I tried calling their help line but it doesn’t work and they don’t answer their showroom number. I went to their website and it’s completely useless. Just a bunch of numbers of other branches. On the receipt from istyle it says no refund and no exchange. I don’t know what I can do. I’m going to Dubai in a week and I think istyle is the only exculsive Apple reseller there too 🙁

  6. So the point of my rant is …I don’t recommend buying from iStyle! Unless it’s for accessories and covers because I noticed that the cases at iStyle are a lot cheaper than what I saw in iTechia. I still can’t believe there are no official Apple stores in the Middle East 🙁

  7. Hi HR. Sorry to hear about the problems. iStyle is not the “exclusive Apple reseller” anywhere, they are the exclusive Apple distributor but there are other stores that sell Apple stuff and offer service. You could check out emiratesmac.com and post questions there about Apple in Dubai.

  8. Well, less than a year ago I had this same problem with my Magsafe adapter which came with my MBP that I bought in 2006. So I went to check with izone if it is possible to repair it. They asked for my warranty ( which is expired long ago) and made me purchase a new Magsafe. That’s only the half of the story. See they were sold out with the Magsafe for the MBP 15”, but they had the Magsafe for the Macbook, they told me I wont have any problem using it with my MBP, but guess what? It worked for 2 days and then it stopped working. Tried to return it or fix it, but no use.

  9. tahlya road , riyadh 🙂 yah guy its true i swear i was giggling coz of it

  10. Now what i really want to know is that how can i buy an iphone from USA  and how can it be shipped to KSA , + what are the requirements for buying it  ?? 

    • sorry to say but iphone4 in the US has a contract with AT&T and soon with Verizon….i recommend that you buy iphone from Singapore or UK apple store..but i recommend Singapore because all of the phones there are open-line as per my friend

  11. Hi everyone! Just want to ask where I can buy accessories for my iPhone 3Gs? I was advised that itechia prices are very high. Any shops you can recommend?

  12. hi everyone, i really would like to notice you fellas about the istore for the iDevices accesories,which it has 3 branches in riyadh, and what i heard and they recommended to me, that this istore is the cheapest one than the others, this is the link,thanks regards…..http://www.n-11.com/vb/showthread.php?t=3347 ………pictures provided are below….

  13. Why the price of Ipad 2 in Saudi Arabia is different from distributor to distributor? I mean authorised reseller? I contacted each of this reseller for quite a few days and prices of 16gb wifi iPad 2 was so expensive almost double the price in US? Can anyone explain why so expensive in Saudi Arabia to purchase any item from Apple or any accessories for Iphone? Really so upsetting why people so greedy to earn a profit so huge rather than those people invented it? Just asking!

  14. Anyone know a technician who can work on MAc book pro?

  15. where can i find a battery model A1185 10.8v? i need to replace the battery of m macbook. thank u. im here in dammam


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