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Got My Mac Pro, Finaly

After waiting for 3 weeks finally i got my new system the mac pro.

It’s just what apple described of the powerful Machine for a user and i can see the difference with the 8 core system.

I started to move my stuff from my old imac to the new system. the only thing that upset me is the fact that time machine did not backup my e-mails.

Time machine only backed up the rules, configuration and account for my mail system. but not my inbox or folders which i kinda find it weird. so i have to copy them manually

Restoring your information from a time machine backup drive is really easy. Apple truly find a way to make backup an enjoyable experience.

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  1. Please advise from where did you purchase your Macbook pro. If online, kindly let me know the website. Moreover, could you purchase online with an English and Arabic keyboard?

  2. Actually, he bought a Mac Pro, not a MacBook Pro. I bought a MBP from here, the price difference (1500SR) is not worth getting from the US.

  3. nice one, a Mac Pro.
    Last Feb. 27, I bought an iMac form i-Weaver in jeddah.
    But before i turn on the power button i upgraded my ram to 2GB.
    Im also planning to replace my hard drive to 500GB.

  4. I just got extra 8 GB ram for the mac pro.
    And it’s truly one of the best systems i worked with.

    I keep it running all the time never had to do a single reboot unless for update install.
    Never had any application crashing with me.
    Have also windows on the virtual machine working in the background (i use only IE in it for web development / bank sites ).

    Main point it’s the ideal machine for me.


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