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No iPod Touch $20 upgrade available for Saudi Arabia

The newly announced $20 software upgrade for the Apple iPod Touch is not available for Apple customers in Saudi Arabia.

This is thanks to the lack of an iTunes store in Saudi Arabia. And as far as I know, you cannot walk into any of the local Apple stores and buy it. This will only push people into obtaining those applications through “questionable” methods.

The other issue with it is that any new iPod Touches will not have the new software as well. Apple said it will be free for any new iPod Touch buyers but it is not the case here in Saudi Arabia.

I urge Apple to look into the matter, we need demand an Apple iTunes store here!.

Update: as you know by know, the iTunes App Store was introduced and with it Saudi Arabia was added to the iTunes Store country list. You can add a credit card based in Saudi Arabia and buy the iPod Touch paid updates!

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  1. What? I used to have an iPod touch not less than a week ago but my dad got me the iPhone 3g 🙂 so i sold at while it was in firmware 3.1.1 but iPhone only has 3.1 :'( and I bought the upgrade through my dads account cuz i sold it to him 🙂 his is saudi mine is UK both have it :O

  2. It’s possible to upgrade without purchasing the iPod touch 3.0 update. Just download the system file from any download mirror on the web and then when you connect your device to iTunes don’t forget to back it up or sure and then cllick restore along with the shift botton “PC users only!” and then the browser will appear choose the system file. Then, sit back relax and wait for it to restore the new update. That’s all!


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