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We all know that mac doesn’t support Read/Write on NTFS drives they can only read from it, Recently i wanted to be able to write on NTFS drives from my mac and i found a software (FREE!) to do that and it works great.

The software called (NTFS-3G) You can download the DMG file for it from Download NTFS-3G 1.1120 [stable] . you’ll need first to install MacFuse which is the extension required by NTFS-3G . you can download it from here :

The website for MacFuse project is : http://code.google.com/p/macfuse/.

After installing it and rebooting i managed to read and write on NTFS volumes and was able finaly to give my windows friends files they requested on their NTFS Drives 🙂

Hope that helps someone

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  1. It solved so many issues for me.

  2. This is a great for sharing files with windows user, but the problem here is that once you deleted a file from an NTFS disk it will not be moved on Trash, instead it will be deleted permanently, but its only a minor issue.


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