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iPhones being sold at authorized Apple resellers in Saudi Arabia

Apple’s distributor is warning against hacked/unlocked iPhones in the region. Yet many stores in Saudi Arabia, some are actual authorized Apple resellers, are selling the iPhones at prices equal to $800.

A well known mall, HyperPanda, is selling the gray market iPhones at 2800SR. thats almost $800 as seen in this photo:

iPhone hyper panda closeup

Many mobile phone stores are selling the iPhones at prices ranging from 2500-5000SR and ask for 200SR for crappy Arabic support.

This store is hanging an Apple IMC poster warning about fake Apple products, yet they are selling an unauthorized iPhone as well as iPod knockoffs from some unknown brand (almost all the “authorized resellers” are selling fake iPods on the same stand as regular ones).

iPhone for sale

I am waiting for Apple IMC Middle East, Arab Business Machines and Arab Computers responses regarding those sales. Will Apple persecute those stores for illegally importing the iPhones to the Saudi Market?

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  1. Is it illegal though? I was under the impression, at least in the UAE, gray market is not illegal.

  2. I think Apple will find it illegal somehow, since of should at least violate the eula and American export. But im no lawyer.

  3. I think Apple cannot do anything in KSA. Bottom line its still their products selling in the market.

    If you want real fake and outrageous prices go to itechia (Thalia st.) and you will see how they have beautiful displays but very high prices and rude manager (look for the bald guy).



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