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Daily Archives: November 6, 2007

A sad Leopard in Saudi Arabia!

I do have a small and quick rant about Leopard, a source told me that Apple’s Saudi Arabia distributor, Arab Computers (you can check their official, blank site here) have brought only 25 copies of Leopard to the Market. One of the Apple resellers asked for 250 licenses and they are only getting a literal handful of copies. Apparently the ...

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A look into Apple’s middle east site

Last topic was about the brand new Arabic localization of Mac OS X Tiger! While checking the rest of the website for the “Official” Apple distributor in the Middle East, here are my comments about it: The site is a copy and paste of the template of the old Apple.com site, needs a lot of improvements. And there is a ...

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Arabic “Localization” of Mac OS X Tiger released

Quietly, Apple’s “distributor” in the middle east, IMC Middle East, released an Arabic localization of the outdated Mac OS X Tiger. You can download it from their website linked here. At this rate I am expecting the Arabic Localized version of Mac OS X Leopard when 10.6 is released, probably 2009.

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