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My Experience with Leopard

Well after installing the software let me just say .. WOW apple you really did it ..

I installed the new OS on my laptop ( since i was going to format it anyway). and here is my experience with it :

Installation Process :
What actually i did is an upgrade to the Mac OSX Tiger just to see how smooth the operation is. guess what it was smooth enough. During the installation i kept checking the logs to see what the installer is doing.the installation process went smooth didn’t have to do much, it took up to 1 hour and 20 min to finish the install.

here is some of the things i noticed from the logs:

  1. It removed all the languages i had installed and replaced it with the new ones.
  2. installed additional speech voice.
  3. more printer drivers
  4. big list of file update at the end of the installation .

The New OS:

Well I’m speechless .. what i can say it’s more than i expected and it’s really great have many features i Specially love the new finder and the cover flow feature in it .
Stacks, Time machine , the new mail , ichat …etc all are really great updates. Can’t of anything to say ( maybe because i stayed up all night playing with it and writing this in the morning )
loved the way it keep my information / mails/ address nothing lost unlike other OS, Mac OS X Leopard Really worth every money you spend on it.

Simple thing i can say is you have to try it ..
For me i can’t wait for the one i ordered it will be shipped tomorrow

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