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Leopard OSX GM Leaked

The final Release of Mac OX Leopard is leaked on torrent before the official release on 26th Oct.

The torrent community are sharing it and it’s building a lot for seeders / leeches . ( took me 8 horus to download it ).

There was around 300 seeders and over 2000 leeches. Currently i have downloaded it and burning it right now on DVD to test it on my mac book pro. Will post the results when finished form playing around with it.

Of course I have pre-ordered Mac OS X Leopard already.

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A tech guy / developer , love anything related to technology and focus on apple products.


  1. So you admit to downloading an illegal copy of Leopard? Do you plan to buy it later, or?

  2. i already preordered family pack 🙂 and it will ship from amazon on 26th as planed 🙂

    Yes i downloaded the software ^_^ and i can’t wait to test it .. but ofcource i’ll remove it once the shipment arrive 🙂

    Be sure that i use legal copies of softwares [ even tough a lot of people were telling me i’m crazy to pay for something that is available free, I’m a developer and i know how developers get frustrated when people share their work for free ]

  3. I should clarify that it was him, not me .. I already pre-ordered mine.


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