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Leopard after 24 Hours

Well after getting a good sleep and waking up to explore the new mac OSX let me point out the great features in Leopard.

  1. The New Finder (Quick View):
    The great way to view your files which also introduced Quick View in . without opening the document you can browse the document content or video or image especially in Cover flow mode.
    Also the way they arranged the devices / Places and the search terms really are nicely placed
  2. The voice system :
    1. Apple added another person to the voice engine in leopard called Alex
    2. it’s almost and i say almost Similar to Human voice and can pronounce word correctly ( but it didn’t say my name correctly though 🙂 )
  3. Stacks:
    1. Let me say it’s one of the most useful tool for me i have build lot’s of stacks on my dock 🙂
      i have stack for applications / downloads / and Tools
  4. Time Machine:
    1. Keep your data backed up .. i connected the system to my NAS storage and set a drive there as a backup drive. when i mounted the device on leopard Time machine popped up and asked if i want to use it as backup volume and it did .. works like a charm .. ( still wonder if i passed the storage limit on my machine will this kills hte backup ? hope not )
  5. The new Ical/ Mail /ichat:
    1. it included many new features in it such as Notes and to do list in the mail / the coloring for events in the ical and places in ichat . i enjoyed the feature in Mail where it detect the address in someone signature and try to add it as a contact save you from copy / paste 🙂
    2. i also like the RSS reader in the mail application now i can finally browse all my RSS subscription from the mail client just like e-mails ^_^
  6. Open page in dashboard ( safari vr 3.0.x)
    1. This feature let you adds widgets to your dash board from the web by selecting the button and highlighting around the area you want to keep track in the widgets so you can in future you won’t miss anything it also add a nice glowing effect to it . (now i won’t miss all my comics 🙂 )
    2. They fixed the Arabic character issue 🙂 now i can browse Arabic sites fine 🙂
  7. Spaces:
    1. Really Apple you saved my life .. i keep Many windows open which then i get lost while tracking the applications. but this is solved now thanks to spaces.
    2. You can add many spaces you want (i added 12 ) which acts as virtual desktop and you can arrange your windows/application on it
  8. Back to my mac:
    1. This feature only work like magic .. ( you’ll have to enable personal file sharing to enable the file sharing )
    2. the share screen features works with any mac as long as you have remote desktop share enabled.
      it like windows remote share but faster 🙂
  9. Terminal:
    1. people who works with commands line will be happy to know that now leopard support tapped terminal window . so now you can keep all the shell window open in one big terminal window
  10. Spotlight:
    1. Now you can search for files and spotlight will display it for your arranged by category still like tiger but it feels much faster than the old tiger .. ( is it me or I’m just imagining 🙂 )
  11. Guest account:
    1. Leopard create guest account on your system for sharing only you can enable/disable it form the accounts in the system preferences.
  12. Expose / Front Row:
    1. now you can access them from application . before in front row you have to either click the button on the remote or option + escape key and now front row is like apple tv menu 🙂
  13. finally Arabic Support :
    1. Now Mac OSX is now support Arabic fully in their applications and fixed most of the bugs i had with Tiger with Arabic language.
    2. they also added Arabic-PC / English -pc style keyboard. which will help most of the windows switcher people.

Well that was my most discoveries and most important for me there is many more features but less time to write here. Hope when you get your copy of the new OS you can discover the new joy with leopard 🙂

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  1. Great features indeed!

    however, i didn’t like the fact that i can’t have my folder on the dock to be opened in finder with one click rather than the stack, stacks are cool though, but I used to have my main HD and my big Application folders on there with one click access, i managed to have my application alias on the dock with one click finder access (got the hint from mac os x hints) but couldn’t create an alias of my main HD!

    The Arabic-PC keyboard is great! i didn’t know about it till i read your points! that’s a great step Apple!

    the features that i love the most, Quick view ( u can even just move with the direction pad and browse all the folder), Mail, iCal, Google talk support for iChat, the new Finder, and the drop-list menu!

    and yes spotlight is much faster, and one great feature they’ve added is that if u got multiple files name, they get a gray name of the folder they’re in, so you can distinguish between them!

    Spaces are cool, and good at some point, i never used more than 3 spaces yet, but the problem is sometimes i get confused or bugs appear and it gets complex with me lol. I’m still used to expose without spaces, yet i have to use both of them.


  2. Hi Ibrahim,
    in order to open your folder that is already as a stack with one click just hold command button while you click on it and it will show it in finder

    even if you open it as a stack there is option in it to show it also in finder

    hopes that help you .


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