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iPhone in UK? and free iPhone software unlock!

“Mum is no longer the word” said the invitation for a special Apple event in the UK on the 18th of this month. The “Euro iPhone” perhaps?

Now you can unlock the iPhone with free software in 7 steps.

The wait is over. For me that wait was painfully long as I bought an iPhone on launch day only to have to wait until just a few minutes ago to make my first phone call. I passed the time by following the exploits of the guys in #iphone.unlock on undernet who were brave enough to open their iPhone and apply George Hotz’s now infamous hardware hack. But the real juice was in unlocking your iPhone from AT&T without the need to open it. None of that would have happened without the hard work of many different people and groups inlcuding the iPhone Dev Team, the dozens of testers and code wizards in IRC (Daeken, geohot, zappaz, gray, Harros, guest184 etc), and of course the guys at iphonesimfree for discovering the buffer exploit that unlocked the phones to begin with.

I will be trying this method as soon as I get my iPhone. Also a few people in EmiratesMac site have tried it and reported that it works.

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